Top 10 Best Indoor Plants For Dark Rooms

Top 10 Best Indoor Plants For Dark Rooms

Our list of the Top 10 BEST indoor plants for dark rooms, will help you choose a plant for areas that receive little sunlight throughout the day. There are pros and cons for all plants, make sure to bare this in mind when choosing your indoor plant.

Top 10 Best Indoor Plants For Dark Rooms

1. Snake Plant

Snake Plant 1 scaled

The Snake Plant (also known as mother-in-law’s tongue), is a wonderful houseplant that has been made popular due to its ease of care. If you are a forgetful waterer, often out of the house, or have lots of plants to look after, the Snake Plant is certainly tolerant of neglect. Even in darker rooms, the Snake Plant will grow just as well and is a perfect choice.

Water your Snake Plant occasionally, even if you forget to water it for a few weeks, it should survive just fine. Snake Plants aren’t fussy over air quality, and can grow in dry air just fine. Feed your Snake Plant from time to time, to keep it growing strong. If you would like to see a Snake Plant in person, use our Store Locator to find a garden centre near you.

2. English Ivy

English Ivy

Single-coloured types of English Ivy (Hedera helix) do well in lower light, although coloured types may lose their pattern. This would be due to not receiving enough light, although they will still survive. English Ivy is ideal for darker rooms, as the plant will grow in search of light.

You can place English Ivy on shelving, in pots or even in a hanging basket, as the Ivy will trail down and around the sides. The well-known characteristics of English Ivy like the colour, pattern and shape make it one of the best plants, especially for indoor use. To keep well watered, use our Aquasolo for easy watering.

3. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are one of the only flowering plants that can survive in low light, they brighten up a dark room or hallway with ease. Its bold green leaves allow it to thrive in darker conditions.

Peace lilies are tolerant of alternating watering schedules and do not need much sunlight in order to survive. They are very forgiving and look great in many places around the home. The only difficult element of the peace lily is that it may not necessarily bloom if your room is dark and has a limited amount of light. However, there will always be a good amount of foliage to enjoy.

4. Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra eliator) can withstand almost anything, such as under-watering, neglect and dark rooms providing minimal light. The Cast Iron Plant does respond well to being watered and looked after, however you won’t have to worry too much about it surviving if you miss a water or two.

The Cast Iron Plant thrives the most by north-facing windows, and can handle a changing of temperature very well. It is ideal for dark rooms, its large green leaves have a waxed coating which enriches the look of the plant.

5. Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos (Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Golden Pothos’) is a perfect fit for any darker rooms, its bright leaves also help to brighten up the surrounding area. Out of this selection of plants, it’s not one that thrives the best in darker areas, but it does not need direct sunlight to thrive. Golden Pothos looks great when placed within darker-leaved plants, it can also be grown as a trailing plant, in a pot or a basket.

6. Boston Fern

Boston Fern

The Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Bostoniensis’) has small bright green leaves which make it an attractive houseplant, especially for darker rooms. Make sure to water regularly as the Boston Fern can take on a lot of water. It’s an ideal plant to brighten up a room and makes a great trailing plant too.

7. Philodendron


The Philodendron is a very popular houseplant for a whole host of reasons. It’s an attractive houseplant that needs minimal care, its impressive green foliage is very impressive and can freshen up a room. The Philodendron is one of the best choices for low-light situations, they can be potted or placed in hanging baskets. Ideally, fertilise and water often and watch it grow!

8. Dieffenbachia


Dieffenbachia is an ideal indoor plant for locations that have in-direct lighting. Its stunning tropical leaves make it an appealing plant for a lot of people. Often these leaves will have white specs or lines, which add a lot of contrast to the plant. Dieffenbachia is a poisonous plant, so make sure to keep it out of reach from children as well as pets. If looked after, Dieffenbachia is often a perfect choice for many households.

9. Monstera


Monstera is also known as the Swiss cheese plant, its large green leaves are often filled with holes that make it so well known. Monstera is the perfect indoor plant that can change the feel of an entire room. Monstera can sometimes grow beyond its means, simply prune back any vining branches to keep it compact. It will thrive well in a pot, however, it can also be used to climb a trellis. To keep it thriving, water when the soil is dry to the touch, and keep it fertilized regularly over the warmer months.

10. Aglaonema


Aglaonema has a wonderful array of bright green leaves, there are varieties that have red or even pink foliage. Aglaonema is ideal for darker rooms that need to be brightened up by colourful plants. It can survive well in dry soil, perfect for those looking to start off their indoor plant collection. Aglaonema is one of the best options for darker rooms and new gardeners.

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