Perfect for small gardens, patios or balconies

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Introducing the Micro Reel: The NEW Hozelock Micro Reel provides fuss-free watering for smaller spaces, making watering plants simple and easy wherever the location. With a simple ‘click & go’ design, it is perfect for watering in smaller spaces, such as patios, small gardens & balconies. Equipped with 10m of hose and a nozzle, that can be kept tidy when not connected to the tap, the Micro Reel has been expertly designed and manufactured in the UK in response to the change towards small gardens.

Why use the Micro Reel? 

“Gardening has seen an increase in popularity over the last year and I too got hooked up with green space during this time and now gardening is part of my life every day. Gardening also keeps me fit and healthy – physically and mentally.

As gardening is part of my life, so is a watering system. That’s why I use the Hozelock Micro Reel. The NEW Micro Reel provides fuss-free watering for smaller spaces and it has a rotating drum with a low profile handle for easy hose storage. Great for small gardens! The Micro Reel features a perfect 10m of hose on an open reel, offering greater flexibility as you move”.

“Don’t mind me, just making it rain in my garden. Yes, just call me mother nature (I’m kidding, I can’t compete with that). But I am using rain water to water my garden! After a dry start to spring we’ve finally had some rain to top up the water butts, this means I can use free rain water that I have collected rather than using it from the tap! I have been trailing a long hose before but now I can just plug the Flowmax Collect Water Butt pump in, sink it into my water butt and attach my Micro Reel. Not only is this great for the environment but it makes so much sense not having an outside yap my vegetable patch.”

“Lets talk about looking after our plants and keeping them hydrated. nothing easier for my patio than using Hozelock Micro Reel. The new Micro Reel makes my plant watering a breeze, it’s so lightweight too (same weight as a bag of sugar). All I did was click the connector onto the tap and let the rotating drum unwind whilst walking – that simple!

Hozelock has redesigned its Micro Reel to give budding gardeners a simple and lightweight watering system. it includes a 10m hose which weighs a little over 1kg. With over 60 years of horticultural expertise, Hozelock understand the rewards of gardening and have definitely helped me to get my garden flourishing”.

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