Look after your lawn with a sprinkler

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Watering your lawn to achieve perfectly lush grass is simple with the Hozelock watering range. All products have been expertly created by gardeners for gardeners to achieve optimum results every time.

Hozelock sprinklers can water a variety of shapes and sizes of lawns. From small round areas to large rectangle shapes, there is a sprinkler for you.

Coverage Area

When selecting a sprinkler, make sure it covers the area you wish to water. Our sprinkler range can water areas from 79m² up to 314m² depending on which one you choose. A simple way to understand the required size is by counting large steps (approx. one metre) across the length and width of your lawn. Once you have these two numbers multiply them to get an estimated square metre size.

Width x Length = Area m²

Flexi sprinkler


When selecting your sprinkler also look at its shape, particularly if you will be using it to water your lawn. Lawns are often different shapes. Our sprinklers have been designed to provide even coverage whatever the shape. Round sprinklers provide circle shaped coverage, whilst rectangular sprinklers can water a rectangle shaped area.






Some sprinklers have built in adjusters, which allow you to water specific areas of your garden.

Moving these adjusters closer together or further apart lets you choose where the flow of water is directed.

Adjustment 1
Adjustment 2

Maintaining a Sprinkler

Keeping your sprinkler in perfect working order can be done by following some of the tips below. This ensures your sprinkler keeps watering year after year.

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A Hozelock sprinkler will connect easily to the rest of your Hozelock system and will be fully functioning when the tap is turned on.

Protecting the environment – when using a Hozelock Sprinkler please ensure you do not waste water. For local watering regulations please contact your water supplier.

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