With over half a century of horticultural expertise, Hozelock understand the rewards of gardening.

The Hozelock Watering range has been designed by gardeners for gardeners.  We combine knowledge and a passion for gardening with a pride in craftsmanship to develop gardening solutions that help gardens flourish and come to life.



  • Hozelock’s range of Automatic Watering products delivers an effective way to automatically water your garden, saving you time, water and effort.

    Control your garden watering from anywhere in the world with the new Cloud controller or let the new Sensor controllers take care of all the programming for you.

    Combine the controllers with the new collection of Easy Drip components to create a system that can be easily adapted to any space.

  • There are always endless cleaning tasks around the home and that is why Hozelock offer a fantastic collection of cleaning accessories.

  • Hozelock Hose Reels provide fuss free storage of your garden hose by winding it away into a neat coil.

    There are a variety of different designs depending on your needs, from simple free standing reels, to carts that can be easily moved around the garden and wall mounted units that can be located by your tap.

    Most of our Hose Reels come with a set of fittings so you can use them as soon as you get home.

  • Since the first yellow knitted hose was launched in 1957, Hozelock has played a leading role throughout Europe in the creation of garden hoses which are flexible, strong and easy to use.

    Today our hoses are robust for everyday use, flexible for easy watering and are anti-kink to ensure the water never stops.

    Our Ultimate Hose even has a thirty year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

  • Hozelock Fittings and Connectors provide quick and easy connections between your tap, garden hose and accessories.

    Our Tap Connectors are designed to fit a variety of taps from outdoor threaded taps to indoor mixer taps.

    Hose Connectors let you attach you hose to you tap in one click whilst our Gun/Sprinkler Connectors let you switch between accessories without the need to turn the water off, thanks to their in built water stop.

  • Here at Hozelock we specialise in providing you with the ideal spray gun to match your watering and outdoor cleaning needs.

    Hozelock general spray guns, such as our Multi Spray gun feature an easy to use flow control, which can save up to 50% water.

    Features such as lockable triggers and soft touch grips make watering for long periods comfy and hassle free.

  • Garden Pumps are great for moving water around your garden to where it needs to be.

    The Flood Pump can move large amounts of water away from flooded areas efficiently whilst the Water Butt Pump allows you to use stored rain water with any Hozelock gardening product.

    They are simple to use and come complete with a fitted plug for a quick set up.

  • Sprinklers are the simplest way to water large areas of your garden. They can water in different shapes including round and rectangle areas.

    Hozelock sprinklers have been designed for use in all garden sizes, with coverage up to 450m² for even the largest of gardens.

    They can also be adjusted if only a certain part of the garden needs watering, such as flower beds that get the most sunlight.

  • These solutions ensure that all your plants receive the water they need, when they need it. Their clever designs offer an innovative way of caring for precious plants whilst you are away.

    The Aquasolo provides plants with a regulated water supply and is easy to set up in minutes. Whilst the AquaDeco is a decorative watering globe that releases water according to a plants needs.

  • These clever Watering Solutions provide stress free growing for a vast range of plants including Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs and Pot Plants.

    There are solutions for both inside and outside the home ensuring that all your plants receive the water they need, when they need it.

  • Water saving treatments are great for when you want to reduce water consumption.

    They can reduce water requirement by 90% and one single treatment can last an entire season.