Top 10 Best-Smelling Plants For Your Garden

Top 10 Best-Smelling Plants For Your Garden

Would you like to know the Top 10 Best-Smelling Plants For Your Garden? Well, look no further! These plants are perfect for heightening the senses within your garden. Which plant is your favourite? What scent or memory does it remind you of?

Top 10 Best-Smelling Plants For Your Garden

1. Rhododendron


Rhododendrons have an array of flower types, varying in a range of scents that flower in spring and early summer. Rhododendrons fall under the tree or shrub variety however, there are smaller types that are ideal for specific spaces in your garden. The Rhododendrons is a fragrant plant, which emits a sweet scent that you will notice when walking past. The Rhododendrons blooms with large flowers, that not only smell gorgeous but look fantastic and will certainly be a talking point in your garden.

2. Lavender


Lavender is ideal for use in borders, beds and pots, they are a great attracter to pollinators. Lavender has a distinctly sweet, herbal and floral smell that travels across the garden. Lavender can vary slightly in smell, some being sweeter and some leaning towards the scent of rosemary. If you are looking for a plant that will add some colour to your garden, as well as smell amazing, then lavender is always an ideal choice. Use our store locator to find a garden centre near you!

3. Dianthus


Dianthus are ideal for garden beds, or in containers where they receive plenty of sunlight. Dianthus have a spicy vanilla/clove-like scent, they are often called “pinks” due to the fringed look of their petals, which look sharp and defined. There are numerous varieties of dianthus, featuring different shades of pink, giving gardens a great choice between them all.

4. Magnolia


Magnolia has a sweet, floral and fruity scent, that appeals to many gardeners. Many tie the scent with a relaxing aroma, making it the perfect plant for creating an ambience within your garden. These large flowers bloom in spring and summer, magnolia needs plenty of room to grow, and can even reach 40 feet wide. Make sure you plant magnolia in well-draining, rich soil to maximise it’s potential.

5. Wisteria


Wisterias flower in shades of blue and purple, which release slightly different fragrances, ranging from relatively mild to overpowering. Wisterias have a sweet scent and like plenty of Sun however, depending on the variety they can also grow in part shade. Wisterias can grow as a vining plant, on a pergola or a lattice wall.

6. Jasmine

Jasmine scaled

Jasmine will brighten up any garden, adding a sweet and fruity scent and creating a sensual atmosphere. Jasmine is a delicate-looking plant, yet it is relatively easy to grow. You can plant summer jasmine in your garden in either spring or autumn. However, less-hardy varieties of jasmine should be protected or kept in a greenhouse throughout winter.

7. Mandevilla


Mandevilla grows best with the help of a support, allowing it the climb around. Mandevilla has a deliciously sweet and citrus scent. Mandevilla is a fast-growing plant, they may be small when you first buy one, but they can grow up to 5 feet tall, reaching up to 4 feet wide. Mandevilla is an ideal plant for covering a wall in the garden, both brightening up the space as well as providing an uplifting scent.

8. Roses

Roses scaled

Roses are a well-known plant that offers a range of smells for the senses. They can range from a fruity and floral scent to a musky and even spicy scent. Roses are so popular due to the range in colour they offer. Roses can certainly lift the feel of a garden by the colourful and classic flowering, as well as the delightful floral scent.

9. Hyacinth


Hyacinths have a powerful scent, incorporating both sweet and earthy notes. Hyacinths flowers will bloom in spring, and last for a couple of weeks. The flowers on Hyacinths may need support due to their size in order to stop them from collapsing. They come in a range of bold and bright colours, being a fantastic choice to lift your garden.

10. Phlox


Phlox features bright and colourful flowers, along with a rich scent that is very appealing. Phlox is a spring and summer plant, coming in a range of colours and varieties. Most are easy to grow, some even flowing in Autumn. Phlox has tall stems, being an ideal plant for cut flowers. Phlox will grow in both sun and shaded areas.

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