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The Hairy Horticulturalist Talks All Things Garden

The Hairy Horticulturist talks about all things garden in our blog. Gain gardening inspiration with @The_Hairy_Horticulturist . From transformations to gardening challenges. Learn how Sam (otherwise known as Sam – @The_Hairy_Horticulturist) has developed his garden space over the years, and which Hozelock products have helped him improve his garden space.

How would you describe your garden?

Messy and full, much like my beard! I’m tucked away on the beautiful south coast of Cornwall, hidden in a wood but also right next to the world-renowned ‘Lost Gardens of Heligan’.

It’s a rather large garden and I’m all about showing people how to grow fruit and veg and so the garden is currently being transformed into a large space for growing lots of weird and wonderful crops.

We’ve already cleared part of the land (it’s 4 acres in total) so we could have a polytunnel, lots of no-dig beds and a paddock with several geese! The garden is bordered by two streams and near the mill, we’ve got a large lawn and several beds filled with various cut flowers.

It’s a constant battle to improve the ground as it’s heavy clay underneath and is very wet in the winter!

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What is your favourite part of the garden?

It’s got to be the polytunnel! Although this is the first year we’ve had it here, it’s not my first tunnel and I love how much produce you can grow in them. I also like that you can put an automatic watering system inside which not only saves you time but helps you save water as well! We’ve filled it with loads of tomatoes, peppers, melons, french beans and a few unusual things like Horned melons, cucamelons and Achocha, all are definitely worth trying.

What challenges did you face when creating your garden?

Keeping my beard clean! No, in all seriousness I haven’t finished creating the garden and sometimes you never will finish as you can always add more and more! Compost is probably the biggest challenge as I need lots to help create all the new beds. Being able to create your own compost using the Easymix 2-in-1 is a great way to top up those beds throughout the year.

What is your gardening aim for 2022?

I think keeping everything alive! The lack of rain has really affected lots of the crops I grow but I seem to have managed everything quite well and I haven’t had too many casualties yet. One of my aims is to produce lots of tomatoes as I’m trying to improve the mix of varieties. I think this year’s are looking great so far!

Which Hozelock products are you excited to use this year?

I’ve already been using the Bokashi composter as it’s a great way to bring a composter into the kitchen, dispose of all your kitchen waste and produce some great fermentation liquid. I’m also using the EasyMix 2-in-1 composter as it’s handy to have by the back door and doesn’t take up too much space.

What is your gardening mantra?

Don’t follow the rules! Horticulture should be fun and an easy process every one can enjoy and if following some strict rules in a horticultural book isn’t your thing then don’t do it. Your plants will turn out just fine as long as they have soil, light, water and maybe a bit of serenading once in a while!!

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