Top 10 Christmas Gardening Gifts for 2023

Top 10 Best Christmas Gardening Gifts for 2022

Trying to find the best Christmas gardening gifts? We have provided a list of the best Hozelock products you can gift to friends and family this Christmas.

Auto Reel


The Hozelock Auto Reel is wall mounted with a 180-degree pivot, allowing you to reach every area of your garden. The premium anti-kink, tough and durable hose puts itself away due to its patented automatic rewind system. The Auto Reel is easy to use and includes a hose stop and child lock. Available from 10m in size up to 40m, including all the fittings you need. A perfect Christmas gift for a keen gardener.

EasyMix 2-in-1 Composter

EasMix Composter

The EasyMix 2-in-1 tumbling composter mixes your home and garden waste producing a compost mix and delivering a healthier garden at no extra cost. The EasyMix is 3x faster than traditional composters, made from 90% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable, includes a “click & spray” tank/applicator and holds up to 100l of compost. A superb present for those keen on composting.

Select Plus Controller

Hozelock Select Controller Plus

The Select Plus Controller is an automatic water timer with an LCD screen programmer and a unique rotary push button. Create up to three programs per day, flexibly planned to suit your watering needs. Other features include rain delay, which allows you to suspend watering, and instant watering, which allows you to water immediately. Ideal for gardeners who are often away from home.

Wheeled Fast Cart


A fully enclosed fast cart with large wheels and a unique automatic layering design makes using the 40m Fast Cart quick, clean and efficient. Perfect for medium to large gardens and can be stored away. Ideal for those with multiple taps in the garden, who use an allotment or prefer a tidy garden.

Multi Spray Gun Ultramax

Multi Spray Ultramax

The Multi Spray Gun Ultramax is the ultimate watering and cleaning gun. Includes seven spray patterns and a lockable on/off trigger with separate flow control. Made from a die-cast metal body for ultimate strength and durability. An ideal Christmas present for those who enjoy watering and caring for their plants.


TUFFHOZE - Watering - Woman

A NEW advanced hybrid garden hose, combining the best of two hose technologies – Traditional PVC and Textile. Tuffhoze is a hybrid garden hose, combining the best of PVC and textile hose technology, to create a hose that is lightweight, amazingly flexible & super tough. A fantastic alternative to a standard garden hose.

Automatic Watering Kit

25 Pot Watering Kit with Select

Automatic watering kits are ideal for your patio pots and hedgerows. Helping to save time, water & effort keeping your garden watered. They are easy to install as pipes can be easily cut and joined together depending on where you need to water. Providing regular focused watering keeps plants healthy and less prone to disease.



The Hozelock Biomix will produce homemade natural and organic solutions out of plants such as nettles and comfrey to stimulate your plants and prevent diseases. The closed tank has a lid and mixing action to ensure that the leaves decompose quickly whilst reducing bad smells (stir without lifting the lid). An ideal Christmas gift for DIY gardeners.



Create a stunning water feature in 30 minutes with this above-ground pond. A convenient and modern solution to a traditional pond; perfect for all outdoor spaces, the side viewing ports allow you to enjoy the fish in their natural environment. Stylish with a modern decorative finish, this is a great way to experience the pleasures of a pond.



An ideal stocking filler, the Aquasolo is a simple watering system that can be used for pot plants around the home. Perfect for holiday watering, for indoor and outdoor use, the Aquasolo is compatible with most plastic bottles, 0.5l to 5l.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Top 10 Best Christmas Gardening Gifts in 2023. If you have any other Christmas Gardening gift ideas, let us know in the comments below!

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