How to use the Hozelock Superhoze

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How to use your Superhoze

Connect one hose end connector to the tap
Twist the nozzle to open and close
Watch your Superhoze expand
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Fit the tap connector to the tap

Put the tap connector onto your tap, use the white adaptor if required, make sure the tap connector is secure. Check that both hose end connectors are fully tightened onto both ends of the hose. Connect one end of the hose to your tap.

Connect the nozzle and remove trapped air

Connect the nozzle to the other end of the hose. Ensure that the nozzle is fully open by turning it anti-clockwise. Slowly turn the tap on and let the water run through the hose to flush through any trapped air.

Close the nozzle and watch the hose expand

Close the nozzle by turning it clockwise. Turn the tap on fully and watch as your hose expands. Once your hose has finished expanding, open the nozzle to a mist to water your plants or to a jet for cleaning tasks.

Put your hose away

When you’ve finished turn off the tap, open the nozzle and release the water remaining in the hose. The Superhoze will shrink back down to size, remove the connector from the tap and store your hose on a hose hanger, in a tub or around the tap.


Nozzle operation
Low pressure
Expansion Controller

Nozzle operation

To ensure the correct ‘open’ and ‘close’ operation of the nozzle follow the steps below:
1. Press nozzle into fitting
2. Grip grey sleeve
3. Turn yellow nozzle in both directions to open and close water flow

Not fully expanded

If the water pressure is low (less than 2 bar) the hose may not fully expand to maximum length. During use the end of the hose appears to retract slightly as shown on the photographs. This will not affect the product’s performance.

Expansion controller

The expansion controller shown above is an integral design feature of earlier models of Superhoze. Please do not confuse this with the hose being blocked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Superhoze be used on a hose reel, or does it need to be fully unwound to allow the expansion?
This is an expanding hose and will need to be completely unwound from a storage reel to allow for full expansion. Superhoze should never be stored under pressure i.e. full of water.

When washing my car, would I need to turn the tap off while I shampooed it and turn the tap back on to rinse it?
As long as you have the AquaStop connected to the end of your hose, you can either close your gun or nozzle to stop the water flow, or take the hose end off. Please ensure that this is only done for short periods of time.

The Superhoze expands up to 3 times its original size, so does that mean a 30m version would expand up to 90m?
The advertised size is the maximum length the hose will expand up to, depending on water pressure. So, a 30m Superhoze will be around 10m in length to begin with and expand up to 30m.

What connection do I need to join two Superhoze together?
You can use a Double Male Connector. These work by simply clicking them into the Hose End Connector on your Superhoze. We recommend that up to two 30m Superhoze be connected at any one time. Depending on water pressure, performance may be effected.

My connector on the end of my Superhoze is damaged, can I replace it?
The connector at either end of Superhoze can be replaced, buy the part here.

Will this hose fit on a kitchen tap?
Yes, if you connect it with the correct tap connector for your tap. You can find our range of indoor tap connectors here.

What is the diameter of the Superhoze?
Superhoze has a diameter of up to 18mm depending on water pressure.

How do I clean my Superhoze?
Using warm soapy water you can give your Superhoze a good clean to keep it in tip top condition.

5 Year Guarantee

Superhoze has a 3 year guarantee as standard, plus 2 additional years if you register online here.

no pressure washer 150 x 150

Superhoze is not recommended for use with a Pressure Washer

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