Looking after and maintaining your Hozelock products

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There’s plenty to think about as the days get shorter, the cold change in temperature and the sudden shortness in daylight. Essential maintenance of your gardening tools and looking after and maintaining your Hozelock products will make sure that there is no unexpected winter damage when it comes to using them again next year.

To help you avoid any unexpected surprises we have put together a check list of essential winter maintenance tips for you to think about.


Outdoor taps should be turned off at the mains and any pipework should be insulated to protect them from temperatures that dip below freezing point.

Leak at the tap? Our connectors are designed to be leak-free but if a connector is leaking, the O Rings on your watering tool may have perished over time or become damaged. Replacing the O Rings can quickly fix this issue, simply remove the old one and replace to quickly repair any drips you find.

Detach water timers, give them a good clean and store in a frost free place over the winter. Turn off the water supply to any water irrigation kits and locate the shut-off valve that controls the water flowing to the system.  Open the end caps and allow the water to drain out.


Hose End

To avoid damage from ice, we recommend that you take in your hose end tools for the winter. For example, spray guns, lances, sprinklers, car brushes or multi way tap adaptors.

These tools can retain a small amount of water inside, which can turn to ice in freezing conditions and expand – causing damage to your watering tools. Keep them somewhere warm where any water inside can’t freeze.

The same applies to any automatic watering sprinkler systems you have around the garden, drain and store away.


When you take your sprinkler in for the winter, or back out again in the spring, it’s a good opportunity to clean it, so that it keeps running smoothly the next summer.

Round Sprinklers (2510, 2520) the top of the sprinkler can be removed, allowing you to run water through the inside of the sprinkler, clearing any blockages from the built-in filter.

Round Sprinkler Plus and Pro (2332, 2335, 2336) the filter is located inside the Hozelock connection. Simply unscrew the yellow connector to remove the filter. Rinse the filter under a tap to clean it.

Rectangular Sprinkler Plus and Pro (2972, 2974, 2975, 2976, 2986), the filter is inside the Hozelock connection. You will need a spanner (17mm size) to release the connection, so that you can access the filter. Clean the filter under running water and replace. The sprinklers also have a built-in cleaning tool to unblock the jets on the spray bar. Twist the cleaning tool to remove it (you may need a coin or screwdriver for 2976 or 2986). Use the cleaning tool to clear out the holes and free any blockages.

round sprinkler plus and pro maintenance
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Hose Systems

Give your reel, cart or Auto Reel a good wash down and thorough check for any wear and tear before removing it from the wall, if required, and putting it in a frost-free place over the winter. This will protect it from the winter elements until the spring season arrives.


Drain all your hose pipes that are in the garden, forgetting to detach them from outdoor taps and draining them of any water still in the pipes can lead to damage if it gets frosty.

AutoReel Wall hanger
TUFFHOZE - Store on a Hose Hanger

Superhoze and Tuffhoze

It is important to add a hose end attachment, like a spray gun or nozzle, to the end of your Superhoze or Tuffhoze and leave it in an open position to fully drain the water out. Otherwise the AquaStops on both ends will prevent the water from being released.

As they both have fabric outer layers, it is also important that the product be dried thoroughly before being put away and not to be sealed in an airtight container, otherwise they can go mouldy.

We recommend giving them a clean before they’re put away for the winter. To clean them, they can be washed with warm soapy water. See our video for more information on how to use and maintain your Superhoze.


Clean and empty all chemicals from your pressure sprayers and check all equipment, it’s a good idea to pack them away in packaging to keep them protected and ready for next year. Don’t empty any excess solution down the drain, instead put it in the appropriate part of the garden.

  • Grease all the joints (with silicone grease for sprayers) and check that the sprayer is working properly (especially the valve)
  • Clean the nozzle and the nozzle holder
  • Clean the lance filter
  • Disassemble the pump to grease or replace the valve and the seals

You can even order a service kit to replace all the seals to ensure perfect working condition for next year.

4550 - Pure 7L Sprayer 2

Pond Maintenance

This is a good time to tidy up the pond before the water gets too cold for you to handle, also think about putting netting over the pond to prevent debris from falling in.

Hozelock Cyprio offers a range of pond nets with various size heads for undertaking pond maintenance and fish keeping tasks.

Pumps and Filters

In winter, operating the unit will maintain a basic level of useful bacteria in the Biological Filter, and will help prevent the pond icing over. However, the unit must not be allowed to freeze as water freezing internally will damage them. If you switch the unit off for winter, wash the unit thoroughly before resuming filtration in the spring.

When not in use, the unit should be removed, thoroughly washed and cleaned, dried and stored in a dry frost protected area. Always store the unit with the lid/foam cover off to ensure adequate ventilation and drying.

Winter is a good time to clean your filter and pumps, and service them to maintain/replace any worn parts such as o-rings, bulbs, etc. For product advice and spares please contact Hozelock Cyprio Consumer Services on 0121 313 1122 or visit www.spares.hozelock.com.

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