A New Way to Compost with Amy – @chicksandveg

A New Way to Compost with Amy - @chicksandveg

Are you looking for a new way to compost? The spring weather has been kind to us so far this year and I, like so many of us I’m sure, have been busy preparing the garden for a busy year of growing. I’m hoping it’s not just busy, but productive and full of plenty of gardening wins! This season I’m setting up some new systems in the garden which will hopefully take my garden to the next level! Here’s what I’ve been busy setting up to try out this year:

Compost Spreading in the garden at home

Making Homemade Compost

The focus of my garden had always been on growing plenty of fruit and veg and making the most of the space. Composting has somehow always fallen by the wayside. Don’t get me wrong, I have one of those ‘compost daleks’ but it’s always such an endeavour to mix the compost. It often results in me tipping the whole thing over and then it’s a mammoth effort to get it all back in! I have visions of multiple bays of compost but I don’t have the room to dedicate to that. That’s why, I am so excited to be trying the ‘EasyMix 2 in1’ this year.

Using the new EasyMix Composter

The Hozelock EasyMix is super compact and it’s designed to be easily turned on its stand, meaning it’s so easy to mix the compost. In fact, it’s turned into a fun job to do! Each week I turn it, mixing the contents and speeding up the composting process. I’ve only had it for a few weeks and already I’m starting to see the results. Even the “Click & Spray” tank which sits under the composter and collects the liquid plant food is starting to fill up! I’m looking forward to seeing what it produces this summer and mixing up some homemade compost to add back into my garden!


A New Way to Compost

The Hozelock EasyMix 2-in-1 composter offers a shorter composting time thanks to the aeration and rotation which helps to accelerate the composting process. The nutrient-rich liquid feed is collected in the tank under the drum. Thanks to the innovative “Click & Spray” function, the user can simply connect a hose to it, to feed their garden soil with ease!

Around 40-50kg of compost will be produced with a 75% full EasyMix composter, which is suitable for a range of garden sizes.

To learn more about the composting process, head over to our dedicated composting page.

EasyMix Composter Key Benefits

  • Rotating composter for easy mixing of waste, no need for a fork.
  • 3 times faster than traditional composters: compost ready in only 6 to 8 weeks to enrich your soil.
  • Convenient to collect the compost, thanks to the removable drum and the large opening.
  • Enrich your garden soil with the natural liquid plant food collected in the “Click & Spray” tank/applicator.
  • No pests (rodents) thanks to the hermetic design.
  • Space-saving, it will easily find a place in the garden, garage, balcony or even next to your recycling bins.
  • Made from 90% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable
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About the Author

Amy from Instagram’s @Chicksandveg, is one of Hozelock’s brand ambassadors for 2022. Amy started her gardening journey a few years ago having moved to a new home with an overgrown and unloved garden. After the loss of her best friend, she turned to her garden as a way to keep her mind and hands busy. Her love of gardening has become her favourite (and most committed) hobby and she truly believes everyone should experience that feeling of harvesting homegrown veg and picking beautiful blooms.

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