Natural gardening solutions – @jenshomejournal

Natural gardening solutions – @jenshomejournal

Looking to make sustainable swaps in your garden this year? We caught up with Hozelock ambassador Jenny, from Instagram’s @jenshomejournal, to discover her top tips for natural gardening.

Go homemade!

An easy way to take on natural gardening is switching up shop bought pesticides for making your own using things you already have at home.

By going natural you reduce pollution and won’t introduce new chemicals into your soil, plants and ultimately your food if you’re growing your own too.

Aphids and other pests can be a big problem in gardens but using a mix of essential oils, washing up liquid and warm water in a Hozelock pure sprayer can really help. The sprayers have been designed for homemade solutions and also come equipped with a filter for liquid manures too.

You can create other homemade solutions and manures using things like nettle leaves, bicarb of soda, white vinegar and more. A great option to save money and keep your garden more natural.

Start Composting!

Food waste bins are in most homes, but instead of leaving the waste for it to be collected – turn it into a nutritious liquid feed for your garden. Over time, food waste breaks down to form compost that will do wonders for your plants.

The Hozelock EasyMix 2-in-1 Composter is great for this; you can mix both garden waste and food scraps to create your own compost in just 6-8 weeks! That’s 3 x quicker than the standard composter and can even be connected to your garden hose for easy use too.

It’s more natural than shop-bought compost, a great way of reducing landfill waste and saves you money on the upkeep of your garden. By using your food scraps and organic waste as compost, you’re encouraging good bacteria that helps the soil to absorb carbon faster than synthetic fertilisers and helps the soil to retain it.

By using compost as your fertiliser, you’re also refraining from buying chemicals which is the healthiest way to go, especially if you’re growing your own veggies!

Electrify your garden!

Believe it or not a great way to eliminate garden weeds without the need for gas or chemicals is with electricity!

Hozelock have created the green powered evolution thermal weeder and it does the perfect job. Instead of using chemicals which could be harmful to pets, people and the environment, it delivers a thermal shock killing the weed in seconds and it’s as simple as plug in and go.

This product is perfect for paths, patios and driveways with a 3m cable an upright design to save bending down too. It requires no consumables such as chemicals or gas canisters making it cost effective too.

Other ways you can make a more natural and sustainable garden include:

– Planting more trees
– Collect rainwater in a water butt
– Go peat-free
– Grow your own fruit and veg
– Plant for pollinators
– Leave the lawn to grow

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