The NEW Bokashi Kitchen Composter

The Bokashi Kitchen Composter

Hozelock’s NEW Bokashi Kitchen Composter has launched!

The NEW Bokashi Pure Kitchen Composter is now available to order!

This innovative composter efficiently recycles kitchen waste, transforming it into nutrient-rich compost for your garden or plants.

Recognised for its eco-friendly design, the Bokashi Kitchen Composter was honoured with the ‘One Small Step Award for Sustainability 2024’ by Ideal Home.

Bokashi Kitchen Composter

The Bokashi Kitchen Composter is a sustainable product made from 40% recycled plastic and is perfect for gardeners and city dwellers.

Not only does it reduce organic waste, but it also produces premium liquid fertiliser for your plants.

It’s user-friendly and aids in creating a greener planet.

Say goodbye to sending kitchen scraps to landfills and hello to 100% home composting with Hozelock’s Bokashi Composter.

Also available is a matching kitchen caddy that is ideal for storing kitchen waste before composting.

Reinvent your composting with Hozelock’s Bokashi – a smart, efficient, and simple solution.

Product Features

Lifestyle images showing Bokashi Composter Pure Caddy in the kitchen with Mother peeling vegetables and daughter watching and smiling

Compost all types of organic kitchen waste, from table scraps to fish and meat.

Store essential tools inside the lid for quick and easy access whenever you need them.

Lifestyle image showing a lady in the kitchen draining the fermented juice using the tap at the bottom of the Bokashi Composter bin.

Generates liquid fertiliser within 5 days and compost suitable for your plants in just 14 days.

Easily gather the fermented juice with the innovative telescopic tap.

Ensures simple and convenient liquid collection from your composter.

Lifestyle image showing Mother pouring her food waste into the Bokashi bin. Her daughter is sitting on the kitchen side, next to the bin, watching.

Airtight, ergonomic lid that prevents odours and offers easy opening and closing with an enhanced resealable latch system for convenience.

A kitchen composter that produces nutrient-rich fermentation liquid and forms a foundation for high-quality compost.

What is Included?

image showing the Bokashi Kitchen Composter, with all parts of the product numbered from 1 to 8
Image showing the description of the 8 parts of the Bokashi parts image

Download our Bokashi Kitchen Composter Manual to start feeding your plants the best of the best!

Keep your eyes peeled when you’re at your local stores. The New Bokashi Kitchen Composter is a product you can’t miss out on!

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