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Develop your garden space

The spring weather has been kind to us so far this year and I, like so many of us I’m sure, have been busy preparing the garden for a busy year of growing. I’m hoping it’s not just busy, but productive and full of plenty of gardening wins! This season I’m setting up some new systems in the garden which will hopefully take my garden to the next level! Here’s what I’ve been busy setting up to try out this year:


Vertical growing

As you can tell, I want to make the most of my space so I’ve been busy looking at ways to try out growing more vertically. I’ve made a trellis out of foraged sticks and jute string and already have things like peas, cucamelons and sweet peas growing up them! It’s a great idea to get structures like these in place now before you plant your beds and things really get growing!

There’s lots of veg that like growing vertically such as beans, cucumbers and even some varieties of squash and courgettes! Have a look around your patch and in your seed box and have a think about what you could grow differently this year!

Focused watering

I redesigned my vegetable patch over the winter and have a series of new beds arranged in my plot. I’ve been thinking about the best way to water them efficiently and sustainably. This is why I’m going to be using soaker hoses which provide slow and steady irrigation directly through the soil and to where plants need water most, their roots.

By using these hoses around my patch I can really focus where water is needed most and not have to worry about moving a sprinkler round or missing bits! I’m trialling a couple of 10m hoses which I can attach together if needed and will be sharing more about how I get on over the summer!

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About the Author

Amy from Instagram’s @Chicksandveg, is one of Hozelock’s brand ambassadors for 2022. Amy started her gardening journey a few years ago having moved to a new home with an overgrown and unloved garden. After the loss of her best friend, she turned to her garden as a way to keep her mind and hands busy. Her love of gardening has become her favourite (and most committed) hobby and she truly believes everyone should experience that feeling of harvesting homegrown veg and picking beautiful blooms.

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