3 Ways to be More Sustainable in the Garden

3 Ways to be More Sustainable in the Garden

Kate is a home and garden blogger and can be found at @kateandherhome on Instagram and TikTok, where she shows how she has been adding character to her newly built home and garden in Lancashire. Kate and her husband have transformed their blank canvas of a garden and created a large outdoor entertaining space, which looks out onto a spacious lawn and fields beyond. Here, Kate shares her tips on how to garden more sustainably.

Make your own compost

Make use of your garden and kitchen waste and turn it into a free, sustainable compost that will benefit your garden. By making your own compost instead of buying it, you’re reducing plastic use, the impact of transportation and, in some brands, the use of peat.

Traditional composting methods aren’t feasible for a lot of people (myself included) as they require a lot of space, time and effort to maintain, and often attract pests.

Hozelock’s EasyMix 2-in-1 Composter has changed all that! The space-saving design is discrete and won’t take up lots of room in our garden. I like that it is an enclosed drum, which means I don’t have to worry about rodents being attracted to the food waste.

I have found the process really easy, thanks to its rotating system and it’s great knowing that I have my own supply of compost in as little as 6-8 weeks. It’s been a complete game-changer for me!

Not only that, the composter makes my own liquid plant food at the same time in the collection tank. I simply connect my hosepipe to the bottle and spray the feed around my garden. The liquid feed is perfect for enriching my garden soil and encouraging my plants to thrive. Plus, I’m reducing my plastic use by making my own plant food instead of buying it!

Connect your hose to a water butt

Using a water butt reduces your reliance on the main water supply, which will make a big difference if you’re on a water meter. Plants also love rainwater as it is soft and chemical-free when compared to tap water, so not only is it free, but your garden will also benefit.

I was previously using a watering can to water the garden from our water butt, however it is much more convenient since I’ve used the Flowmax Collect 2200 pump system. I simply connected it to my hosepipe and placed it in our water butt to make watering so much easier! 

Make your own natural garden preparations

Making the switch from ready-made garden preparations to homemade alternatives helps to reduce the use of plastic packaging and introduce harmful chemicals into your soil. There are lots of natural garden recipes using store-cupboard staples such as white vinegar, sodium bicarbonate and soap.

I’ve tackled the weeds on our path with white vinegar and water from the water butt, which in combination with sunshine, burns the leaves without the use of any chemicals.

Hozelock’s Pure Sprayer is specially designed for homemade garden solutions, as the parts are resistant to damage by the corrosive effects of vinegar, and the filter is designed for liquid manures, too. The generous 5L capacity means I can prepare a batch of solution and spray a large area in one go.

There are lots of other ways you can become more sustainable in the garden:

– Leave areas of your grass uncut, or mow less frequently, to promote a habitat for insects and other animals which feed off insects
– Switch from petrol-powered garden tools and mowers to electric to reduce carbon, particulate and noise pollution
– Incorporate a range of plants that flower throughout the year to attract a steady stream of pollinators to your garden
– Cover crops with protective nets to reduce the damage caused by pests

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