Continuous Improvement Engineer

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Job Description

The Continuous Improvement Engineer will be responsible for driving a continuous improvement culture, developing the business’s skills and capabilities through new systems, processes, and coaching implementation with a key focus on SAP. The role will support the business in the identification of strategic improvement priorities and will deploy modern fit-for-purpose CI tools to enable the improvements to be recognised.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Drives Continuous Improvement to quantitatively and qualitatively customer service and delivery.
  • Train and educate the organization in SAP and implement continuous improvement methodologies including but not limited to 6 Sigma, 5S, Lean, OEE and others.
  • Drive and manage a continuous improvement culture change with the business staff when implementing lean and CI tools.
  • Responsible for supporting the business in identifying and maximising improvement opportunities, including tracking downtime results, improving data integrity and developing improvement plans based on the data.
  • Plan and monitor progress to check if changes yield desirable results.
  • Supports safety as a top priority – in training, job design, ergonomics, and regulatory compliance.
  • Ensures product quality. Establishes and manages systems for “right first time” performance and incorporates this philosophy in the continuous improvement teams.
  • Coach & mentor stakeholders on how to reduce “process variation” & make data-driven decisions to improve business results.

You will need:

  • Experience working in a manufacturing environment and making process improvements in line with key KPIs.
  • Strong working knowledge of SAP
  • Systemic problem solver, implementing solutions to solve root cause problems
  • Creates an environment that encourages and rewards teamwork and collaboration, both internally and externally.
  • The ability to mentor and develop teams, dealing with culture change.
  • Inspires team spirit and loyalty to the organization.
  • Working with material flows, Kanban and pull systems.
  • Experience with 5S, 8-Wastes and Kaizen events.
  • Measuring data, visual management and OEE.
  • Sets expectations, tracks and communicates results, and creates an environment for accountability for results and actions.
  • Understands and uses individual and team development tools and techniques.
  • Experience in Lean Implementation/delivery.
  • Demonstrable high-impact analysis skills, fluent in analysis tools such as Excel.
  • Experience leading Kaizen events in a manufacturing environment.
  • An adaptable, approachable nature.
  • Hands-on attitude, passionate for making impactful changes to processes.
  • Effective in small and large group sessions.
  • Assertive, energetic, and a self-starter
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