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Jet Spray

Jet Spray Plus


Jet Plus

Jet Spray Pro

Jet Spray Ultramax

Porous Soaker Hose

Seringa Sprayer



Water Storing Gel Mat

Universal Dripper


Pressure Regulator

Sealing Clip

Adaptor Nut


End Plug

Elbow Connector

Straight Connector

T Piece 13mm

T Piece 4mm

Micro Kit

Flexi Hose

Hose Cart (60m)

Hose Cart (60m) with hose

Assembled Hose Cart (60m) with hose

Assembled Hose Cart (60m & 90m)

Assembled Metal Cart (60m)

Assembled Metal Cart (60m) with hose

Auto Off Controller

AC Water Timer Plus

Select Controller

Sensor Controller

Sensor Controller Plus

Cloud Controller

1/2″ & 3/4″ Outdoor Tap Connector


1″ Outdoor Tap Connector