How to Save Water in the Garden using Automatic Watering

How to Save Water in the Garden

Want to learn how to save water in the garden? We will show you how to create your own watering system using Hozelock’s easy-to-install and simple-to-use system. Learn how to make it work automatically by combining it with a Hozelock controller, saving you water and time.

What is Automatic Watering?

Automatic Watering is a system that takes water from the tap to your plants using a simple network of narrow pipes and outlets hidden in the garden. This can be controlled manually or by using an electronic water controller. An Automatic Watering system takes the work out of watering. It waters your plants properly all through the season, even if you are away. If you are looking for a simple system to water your container plants when you are away on holiday, or a sophisticated system to water your entire garden, you will find that an Automatic Watering system helps you manage your garden much more easily. This will allow you to spend more time doing the things you want, rather than the things you have to. Helping you to save water in your garden.

How do I create my network?

Irrigation systems save you lots of time and effort, as well as help to reduce your water consumption. Our 2022 Hozelock ambassador, Niall (@niallgardens), has produced an in-depth Youtube video, offering 8 top tips on how to save water in your garden by using an irrigation system. This video will provide you with tips on how to start creating a water network, how much to water, when and where to water, and much more! Come back to this page after watching, to explore the great range of automatic watering products that we offer.

The ABCD System

A simple network of pipes that’s quick and easy to install and extend.


Connects the system to your tap.


Carries water to your drippers and sprinklers.

C Drippers

Drippers deliver water to the base of the plant.

D Sprinklers

Sprinklers deliver water over a larger area.

Why use Automatic Watering?

Have some time off.

During the summer months, your plants need an increased amount of water, requiring daily watering which can sometimes become a bit of a chore. Automatic Watering systems take this burden away meaning you have more time to do other things.

Water more efficiently.

Automatic Watering systems deliver more controlled watering directly to the roots, reducing water wastage through evaporation or inaccurate watering. Not only does this save water in your garden, it could also save you money on your water bills.

See your garden bloom.

So many plants are affected by both under and over-watering, which can potentially kill them or make them more prone to disease. Regular controlled watering produces stronger, happier and more vibrant plants making your garden look great with less work.

Get out more.

Automatic Watering systems allow you to be away from home with the assurance that your garden continues to be watered. No more bothering the neighbours and family or coming back to dead plants.

A - Tap Connection

The tap connection is vital as it connects the watering system to the mains water supply. Always use a pressure regulator to control the water pressure to ensure the best performance. There are three different ways to make this connection. All installations below can be automated by adding a Hozelock water controller.

Direct Connection

To connect to an area that does not reach your tap. Cut a section of hose. Add connectors to each end. Screw an adaptor to the pressure regulator. Click fit together. Attach to a tap with a threaded tap connector.

Remote Connection

To make a direct connection to the watering system, screw the pressure regulator directly onto your outside tap or electronic water controller.

Total Flexibility

For the most flexible connection, use a 4-Way Tap Connector (2150) and screw the pressure regulator onto one of the four outlets.

Cloud Controller

Control your garden watering from your mobile with Hozelock Hub and remote tap unit. (Apple or Android operating system) Easy to use mobile app to create your own watering schedules. The app includes local weather summary and notifications. Ideal for when you are away from home and weather conditions change, to remotely pause and adjust schedules. Each Hub can support up to 4 remote tap units. Requires 2 x AA alkaline batteries and internet connection for the Hozelock Hub.

Select Plus Controller

For ultimate control, the flexibility to programme any time, any day and for any duration with a maximum of 3 programmes per day. Large LCD screen displays all the programme information and can be set up and easily adjusted using the ‘Rotate and Push button’. ‘Rain Delay’ to pause watering as per the weather forecast. ‘Water now’ function ranging from 10 minutes up to 60 minutes. With 16 pre-set programmes. Requires 2 x AA alkaline batteries and includes battery check function.

Sensor Controller Plus

Electronic water controller with daylight sensor that automatically adjusts the daily watering schedule to start at sunrise and sunset, the best time to water your garden. Waters once or twice per day for a duration ranging from 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes. Adjustable watering schedules from every day to once a week. ‘Water now’ function ranging from 10 minutes up to 60 minutes. Requires 2 x AA alkaline batteries and includes battery check function.

B - Pipeline

The pipelines are the tubes and components that carry the water around your garden, directly to your plants. There is a lot to cover in this section, so it has been split into categories to make it easier.

13mm Supply Pipeline

13mm Flexible Pipeline

4mm Pipeline

Use our Pipeline Adaptors to navigate the water around your garden. Use our Pipeline Stakes and Clips to raise the water over tricky terrain, and to clip the tubing into brickwork, wood etc. Use our Pipeline Tools to modify the flow of water. Finally, use our Garden Irrigation Hose for a varied and effective approach to automatic watering.

Pipeline Adaptors (10)

Stakes and Clips (6)

Tools (4)

Garden Irrigation Hose (3)

C - Drippers

Drippers are used at the base of plants to provide very precise watering to the roots – perfect for saving water! They are very versatile and can be used in pots, on balconies or to water shrubs in your flowerbed. Drippers with barbs can be inserted directly into the supply pipe, at the end of 4mm micro tube, or on a spike. Some of the drippers, with integrated pressure compensating technology, guarantee the water flow rate even for sloping ground. Choose the best drippers for your needs from the table below.

D - Sprinklers

Watering over larger areas can mean a quicker installation and fewer components to purchase. Different spray angles, area coverage and adjustable flow can allow you to target the water specifically. Ideal for your flowerbeds, vegetable patches and hedgerows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a water butt for my automatic watering system?

Automatic watering systems can use rainwater that has been stored in a water butt. Helping you to become even more environmentally friendly and save water in your garden. This method of watering minimises the amount of tap water used, recycling water that would have otherwise gone down the drain and helps to reduce your water consumption and your water bills. It also has the added benefit of being kinder to plants too because it won’t leave limescale deposits or increase the alkalinity of the soil, especially in hard water areas. Our Flowmax Collect 2200 is a ready-to-use water butt pump, which you can place within your water butt and simply connects to your existing hosepipe. It is compact for easy installation within water butts and is complete with float value which automatically cuts the pump off when the water level is too low.


Should I use an automatic watering Kit with my system?

Automatic watering kits are a superb introduction to demonstrate what micro-irrigation has to offer. In some cases, it can be all a garden needs to get going with automatic watering. The benefit to a kit is that you can tailor it to any garden space, and then look at additions to your system further down the line. If you have planned your system for your garden, you may benefit from using a kit as the basis then add on what you may require for a successful system. One of our most popular automatic watering kits is the 25 pot watering kit. It waters up to 25 containers and is easy to install as pipes can be easily cut and joined together, depending on where you need to water. Drippers deliver water directly to the roots reducing water wastage, and the controller includes 16 pre-set programs.

2804 25 PotWateringKit–INT

Can I use a sprinkler for automatic watering?

Yes! Sprinklers can be used in an automatic watering system; however, an additional controller and water source would be needed. Creating a new water source can easily be done by using a multi-way tap connector. Choose an automatic watering controller and connect this to an available connection on your multi-way tap connector. Finally, connect your sprinkler to a hose then secure it onto your automatic watering controller. This will complete your set-up and your sprinkler will become part of your automatic watering system. It is quite often that lawns may require an alternative level of watering compared to vegetable beds, hanging baskets, borders etc. Therefore, using a separate controller for your sprinkler will allow for a greater range in the levels of watering within your garden.

Rectangular Sprinkler Plus

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2 thoughts on “How to Save Water in the Garden using Automatic Watering

  1. Christine Hale says:

    I have a greenhouse at the bottom of the garden and want to set up an automatic watering system for the summer holidays. There is no current water tap nearby but I do have a 210litre water butt collecting water from the greenhouse gutters. Can I set up an automatic watering system from the butt to just the greenhouse?

    1. Charlie Allen says:

      Hello Christine!

      You can start by selecting one of our Automatic Watering Kits, to get yourself set up. You may be able to automatically water your garden from the water butt, with the help of gravity allowing the water to flow. However, if the water is not travelling around sufficiently, we recommend purchasing a Water Butt Pump, however this would require power. Let us know how you get on!

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