Herb Gardening Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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Here you can find a number of tips on how to grow your herbs without making a mistake.

  • 1. Location

One of the main mistakes in growing herbs is to grow them in the wrong place. Indeed, for optimal development and flavours, it is necessary to place the herbs in places that are appropriate to them according to their needs in luminosity, moisture, specificity of the grounds (well-drained, calcareous, acid,…).

  • 2. Planting

Another very common mistake is during planting. Be sure to plant grasses that have the same growing conditions in the same place, you will get good soil coverage and guarantee success. However, even if you plant them in the same place, it is important to plan the planting carefully. Leave room for the herbs to develop. For perennials such as rosemary or sage, they can grow very large so if they do not have enough space after one season, be sure to replant them.

In addition, plants such as mint are recommended to be planted in pots as they will grow almost uncontrollably in soil.

Also, be careful when buying plants that they are not infested or contaminated by any disease.


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  • 3. Maintenance of Plants

Herbs should be cut back regularly so that the plant retains its shape and healthy growth. Even if you do not eat the cut herbs directly, you can freeze them or put them in ice-cubes. Cutting the plants regularly will also prevent the herbs from flowering, which is very important, especially in the beginning, as this could cause their premature death.

Regular cutting will keep the plants healthy but as they work harder, remember to feed them. In fact, once a week you should give the herbs a suitable organic food that will give them the energy they need.

It is also important to provide regular watering for your plants so that they can withstand the heat. Ideally, water your herbs around the roots first thing in the morning so that the plant can absorb the water before the sun.

  • 4. Soil Maintenance

It is recommended to add gravel to your soil, this will allow the plants to thrive longer and taste better. The gravel will create a better drainage system in the soil. If you do not have any, you can buy horticultural gravel from a garden centre.

Another tip is to mulch your soil. Adding mulch to the soil around the weeds will allow your plants to thrive and allow you to water less regularly an ecological and economical solution. Avoid mulching right up to the stems of your herbs as this will attract pests.

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