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I was recently made aware of some fantastic gadgets by Hozelock, which are perfect for keeping your plants hydrated when you are away. Whilst on our family holiday to Cornwall, we didn’t have anyone who could come in to water our plants, which gave us the perfect opportunity to try out the Aquasolo automatic watering cones!


These things were my life saver! I had them in all my indoor plants to make sure they stayed hydrated whilst we were away. Simply attach a water bottle to the top of the Aquasolo cone and place them into your plants to keep your flowers hydrated for up to 14 days!

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use your Aquasolo

Step 1: Find yourself some water bottles to be used as water cones. I purchased a packet of bottles from a local supermarket

Step 2: Choose the right sized Aquasolo cone for your bottle and screw the bottle onto the cone, trying not to spill any water

Step 3: Pierce holes into the bottom of the bottle so that air can hit the water and hydrate the plant

Step 4: Add your new automatic watering system to a plant so that it can keep the soil moist whilst you are away on holiday.

Hozelock’s range of automatic watering solutions also includes:

Select Controller

With 16 different pre-set watering programmes, from four times per day to once a week, and a duration of up to 60 minutes per session and the option to ‘water now’, the Select Controller is customisable to suit all your gardening needs.

The Cloud Controller

The perfect gadget for tech loving gardeners who can control their garden watering anytime, anywhere using a handy mobile app to help the gardens flourish effortlessly.

Growbag Waterer

Growing vegetables is made simple with the help of the Growbag Waterer, which features a 15 litre water reservoir to keep plants watered for up to 14 days.

Hozelock Cloud Controller
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Hi, I’m Becky, I set up @boos_home a few years ago to help inspire those who purchase a new build home. I have built my garden from scratch and I love bringing everyone along on my DIY schemes. I’m looking forward to helping my garden grow this year using the Hozelock products. I’m trying out using a greenhouse for the first time this year so I’m really excited!

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