How to set up a Growbag Waterer with @ridgeway_renovation

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I spent some time in the garden with my Dad at the weekend, which is not something a couple of years back that I ever thought I would enjoy doing as a hobby. My dad has a wonderful greenhouse for growing peppers, tomatoes and chillies, that I’m extremely jealous of, and I would love to eventually have one in our garden. There’s something really exciting about being able to grow your own vegetables and it’s something I’ve really started to enjoy this summer thanks to Hozelock! I also find gardening really relaxing and it’s great to spend some quality time with my Dad doing something that we both enjoy.

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This weekend we thought it was a great opportunity to try out the Hozelock Growbag Waterer. It’s an easy way to grow plants in a grow-bag with no pipes, timers or fuss! The Growbag Waterer is super easy to set up, taking no time at all, and I really like the fact that it is re-usable.

Four our first time using the Growbag Waterer, we decided to plant some chilli plants and it was so easy. We simply placed the growbag over the spikes, cut out a large hole in the top of the growbag, placed in bamboo sticks for added support and then planted the chilli plants. Then it was time to add water using a watering can but you can attach a hose directly too.

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Connor and I are hoping to go away on holiday in September, so the Hozelock Growbag Waterer will be perfect for keeping the plants alive and watered we’re whilst away – meaning we won’t have to rely on family and friends.

Here are just some of the benefits of the Hozelock Growbag Waterer:

  • It holds up to 15 litres of water and keeps plants hydrated for 14 days, making it very low maintenance and an ideal solution if you are going away on holiday
  • The unique water spikes ensure that the plants are getting the correct amount of water they need. The slow and consistent water prevents drought whilst also minimising water wastage
  • Water is delivered directly to the roots, helping to create stronger, healthier plants

I can’t wait to see how our chilli plants get on in the next couple of weeks. Head over to our Instagram page @Ridgeway_renovation to watch us setting it up for the first time and to see how our chilli plants are getting on.

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About the Author

We are Frankie & Connor from Ridgeway_renovation. We bought our home back in September 2018 and have been renovating it ever since. Our house is all finished now but we still have some work to do in the garden over the summer

We have loved spending time on our garden over the last 2 and a half years and we are gradually getting it to where we want it to be. When we first bought the house the garden was full of brambles, it’s taken a lot of time to get to where it is now and we still aren’t done yet!!

This summer we can’t wait to do the final touches to the garden. We still need to complete our garden path which will make a big difference. The grass is also in need of some TLC after the winter and owning 2 giant rabbits and a dog. We have sleepers to fit as well and we are hoping to plant some tall bushes/plants (that the rabbits won’t be able to get to)

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