Top 10 Ways To Reuse a Garden Hose

Top 10 Ways To Reuse a Garden Hose

Garden hoses are a staple for any gardener, but what do you do with them once they have reached the end of their life? There are many more sustainable options than simply throwing them away. With a little creativity, you can repurpose your old hose in a number of ways. Here are 10 ways you can recycle a garden hose at home:

Protect sharp tools

Use pieces of the hose to cover the blades on saws and other cutting tools by cutting off pieces of the hose and then slitting them down one of the sides. This will protect the blades from damage and also prevent injury.

Use a hosepipe connector

If you have a traditional hose pipe that is leaking, you could cut the leaking portion out of the length and then reattach the ends together using a hose pipe connector. This will save you money and help you avoid having to buy a new hose.

Make a flower pot

Make a flower pot out of an old garden hose by coiling the hose into a circular shape and then securing it with cable ties or string. Cut off the excess hose, fill it with soil and plant your favourite flowers.

Cover garden equipment

Cover garden rakes, forks, and other tools with sharp pointed objects by cutting a piece of the hose to fit over the end. This will prevent the tools from damaging other items when stored.

Protect car doors

If you want to protect your car door from scratches when it’s parked in the garage, you can use an old garden hose to create a cushion. Screw lengths of hose at the height of the car door to the wall of your garage. When you open your car door, the hose will provide a soft cushion that will prevent it from hitting the wall or other objects in the garage.

Make an indoor watering system

Create an in-pot watering system for delicate potted plants by cutting a piece of garden hose to match the depth of your pot and drilling several holes along the sides. Dig a hole near the centre of the pot down to the bottom and slip the hose inside. Fill the empty spaces back in with dirt, and gently pour water into the top of the hose.

Hang tools off the ground

Use your old garden hose to help you organise your garage by getting larger tools up off the floor. Screw a piece of the garden hose onto a shed wall. Make a loop large enough to accommodate the handle of your rake, shovel, or broom, then screw down the hose on the other end.

Create a comfortable handle

Wrap a piece of hose around a bucket handle to provide comfort while carrying heavy items. To do this, simply cut a length of garden hose that is slightly longer than the handle of your bucket or container. Then, split the hose lengthwise down one side and slide it over the handle

Raise a flower pot off the ground

Use pieces of the hose to raise a flower pot off of the floor. Cut the hose to the desired length, cut a short slit in one end so that you can attach the two ends of the hose, creating a loop, and simply slip it under the pot. This will prevent water damage to floors and also make it easier to move the pot around.

Create a door stop

Create a door stop by cutting off a small section of hose that can slip neatly under a door, holding it firmly in place.

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