The NEW Superhoze City & City Plus

The NEW Superhoze City & City Plus

The NEW Superhoze City & City Plus will be released in early 2023. Keep an eye out in your local stores & garden centres!

Superhoze City

The NEW Superhoze City includes a 7.5m Superhoze, City Bag, Rose Spray Gun, X2 Aquastop Connectors and a 1/2″ & 3/4″ Outdoor Tap Connector.

Hozelock Superhoze City Bag

Easy to use – Simply Click and Connect, turn on at the tap and let the Superhoze expand. Delivering delicate watering to your flowers has never been easier. Simply drain and watch Superhoze return to its original size.

Simple Watering – During hot weather, your Superhoze City bag can be used as a watering can. Helping to reduce water waste and over-watering in your garden.

Hozelock Superhoze City Bag

Drainage – To keep your Superhoze dry, the bag is designed to include drainage functionality. Safely puncture through the base of the bag with a pointed tool such as a screwdriver, allowing any water to pass through.

Hozelock Multi Spray Gun 2669

Watering Solutions – A rose spray gun with an ergonomic on/off lock button and flow control at your fingertips. The smooth flow control allows you to quickly change the amount of water being sprayed.

Hozelock Superhoze City Bag

Multi-Purpose Bag – Not only can you use the Superhoze City bag to store your hose, but it can also be utilised for various garden activities. Use the Superhoze City bag for weeding, pruning and collecting garden waste for easy removal.

Superhoze City Plus

The NEW Superhoze City Plus includes a longer 15m Superhoze, Multi Sprinkler 79m², City Plus Bag, Rose Spray Gun, X2 Aquastop Connectors, a 1/2″ & 3/4″ Outdoor Tap Connector.

City Plus Bag – The Superhoze City Plus Bag includes yellow handles, providing extra comfort when carrying around the garden.

100 100 218 SuperhozeCityPlus Sprinkler01

Multi-Sprinkler – Easy to use dial garden sprinkler – 8 patterns to suit all watering shapes and types. Soft-touch, easy-grip adjuster ring means you can change the spray setting anytime, even with wet hands!

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One thought on “The NEW Superhoze City & City Plus

  1. Brian Rowe says:

    I’ve found the Hozelock products last a long while and don’t leak and waste water.

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