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Hozelock’s NEW Auto Reel Mobile has launched!

Introducing the New Auto Reel Mobile, an exciting hybrid hose system equipped with automatic rewind and optimum portability. Constructed with a flexible premium hose featuring anti-kink technology.

It’s the hose system that puts itself away… anywhere!

New Auto Reel Mobile

Designed for gardeners seeking the convenience of an automatic reel without the constraints of a fixed location.

The Auto Reel Mobile offers a generous 35m hose length, with an extra-long 5m feeder hose for extended reach into your garden.

Auto Reel Kick Stand

Secure in Place – Simply wheel the Auto Reel Mobile to the desired spot and anchor it securely with the front leg.

Space-Saving – Once watering is complete, the front leg neatly folds under the cart.

The New Auto Reel Mobile transforms into a compact unit that stores effortlessly in your shed or garage. It leaves your garden space clutter-free.

Product Features


The smooth and easy automatic rewind with brake system ensures a controlled rewind.

Additionally, the layering system neatly coils the hose.

Hozelock 3-in-1 Nozzle

Includes the 3-in-1 Nozzle, which you can click here to learn more about.


Offers optimum portability for effortless watering.


Our New Auto Reel Mobile features large wheels to ensure mobility across different terrains.

As well as a front kickstand that provides stability when watering.



Integrated Child Lock – Prevents accidental hose pull-outs.


Adjustable Handle and Hose Tidy – Offers customisable comfort.


Accessory Storage – Accessories and garden tools can be conveniently stored in the rear basket.

Download our Auto Reel Mobile Instruction Manual to get it assembled in time for the summer heat!

Keep your eyes peeled when you’re at your local stores and garden centres. The New Auto Reel Mobile is a product you can’t miss out on!

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3 thoughts on “The NEW Auto Reel Mobile

  1. brian jackson says:

    Great idea particularly as you do not have to wind in by hand

  2. Sylvia Cooper says:

    I really love the idea of this hose and would buy one if it could be assembled prior to delivery , at a cost.
    I am 83years and do all my own gardening but find it hard work with existing hose reels

    1. Hi, Sylvia! Thank you for your wonderful comment and feedback about the new Auto Reel Mobile! We have sent you an email to discuss your suggestion in more detail and to explore how we might assist you further. Please let us know if you haven’t received it.

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