My gardening plans for the August Bank Holiday with @our.yorkshire.home

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The weekends go so quickly at the moment so I’m really looking forward to the long weekend coming up. Of course, I’m hoping that the weather will be kind to us so I can have a productive weekend in the garden! Here are my gardening plans…

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Time to tidy

My plans for the bank holiday will start with a good tidy up of the garden. As the height of summer is behind us it’s now safer to cut back any hedges or trees while being mindful that there are no nesting birds.

We currently have quite a few shrubs taking over the grass which isn’t helping our moss problem! This is the perfect time to cut them back if you don’t plan on them getting any bigger. Once the borders are tidy and I can get to the grass I will be able to scarify the grass to remove the thatch and moss. I’m expecting about 40 bags of waste from the scarifying and the grass is going to feel so much better for it.

I’ll then be giving the grass a good water with our Hozelock Multi Sprinkler which will of course mean the dogs will be getting soaked too!


Home composting

We have just started to use our Bokashi Composter and when mooching in the garden last week I noticed that there is a compost bin hidden behind a few trees. Hopefully after our garden tidy up we will be able to reach the composter and see what condition it’s in.

Now is the perfect time to start composting with us soon having a mountain of leaves to dispose of, so ensuring this composter is set up and working will not only help us with our garden waste but also help the environment by us putting any food waste to good use.

The Bokashi Composter is perfect to keep in the kitchen as it is odour free and it produces a liquid that can be diluted for plant fertiliser. Once full the food contents will be transferred straight to our composter in the garden, but if you don’t have a composter you can always dig a hole in the garden and bury it where it will compost itself.

Planning for next year

As my flowers are starting to die I have been collecting the heads ready to take seeds from. These are currently drying out in my greenhouse and by the bank holiday they should be ready. Collecting seeds from their pods really makes me look forward to the growing season next year and is something I find really therapeutic! These will all be packaged up into envelopes ready for planting in March.

I’ll also be planting some bulbs ready for next year, seeing the bulbs pop up in spring will never fail to amaze me no matter how many times I see the same ones.

This will be our first spring in our home and I can’t wait to see what the previous owners have planted!


Cleaning up

Any spare time will be spent removing our greenhouse and shed, sadly both are in terrible condition and cannot be salvaged so we will be recycling the metal and wood. We will then be giving the areas a good clean using our jet wash and Hozelock Car Brush ready for their replacements. The Car Brush allows me to give everything a really good scrub and will ensure the years of muck is easy to remove.

Enjoy your bank holiday and fingers crossed for some sun!

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About the Author

I started my Instagram page @our.yorkshire.home to document the build of our home almost 4 years ago. My followers will tell you that our two dogs are the star of our Instagram account. I am also an avid DIY’er who loves to add storage solutions wherever I can, because who doesn’t need more storage!

I have loved gardening from a young age and I remember gardening with my parents and grandparents as a child. My first home was a small back to back terrace with a tiny garden, I couldn’t wait to move to somewhere with a bigger garden so I could attempt to make it look as beautiful as my parents. Having 2 dogs who love being in the garden means I spend most of my summer outside – plant watering time is our boxers favourite time of day! Over the last few years, I have learnt so much about gardening and have bought a little greenhouse where I have been growing flowers, fruit and veg from seed. I can’t even tell you how proud I am when I see a little shoot coming through!

We always said we wouldn’t move from our home but we’ve recently had an offer accepted on a house (with a bigger garden and a big greenhouse!) and we will hopefully soon be moving. Our summer plans will be to have a big tidy up in the garden and to bring some life back to the boarders. It has clearly been a well-loved garden but as the house has been empty for quite a while, it has become a little neglected. I absolutely can’t wait to get started on it and to share the progress on Instagram!

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