How to look after your pond with Hozelock Cyprio

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Why filter your pond?

A pond is a complete, miniature eco-system. Problems occur if any of its components get out of balance. Modern filtration systems use a natural, chemical free process to create a healthy balance in the pond so that the fish and wildlife can enjoy a clean habitat, plants thrive and the whole feature is pleasant to look at. Find out how to look after your pond with Hozelock Cyprio.


Healthy aquatic plants need sunlight, but too much sunshine speeds up growth of pond algae which create ‘green water’, the aquatic equivalent of pea soup! Choose an open site for your pond, making sure you have around half the pond shaded with floating and deep water plants such as water lilies.


Stagnant water lacks oxygen which is essential for healthy plants and fish so you need to keep the water circulating. Fish and pondlife consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide which is absorbed by under-water plants that release oxygen back into the water.


We keep more fish in our garden ponds than would usually live in a natural pond. The concentration of their waste products, together with uneaten food will pollute
the water unless removed quickly. Over time, this polluted water will damage fish health.


Plants are essential decoration for any pond and a vital part of the eco-system too. They absorb harmful carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the water, shade the pond from sunlight and provide shelter for pondlife. However, decaying plant matter releases poisonous methane into the water and must be removed.


Clear, bright water is a sign of a healthy, well maintained pond. The water should be pH neutral (pH 6.5 – 7.5). A deep pond, at least 18″ will be less affected by changes in temperature.

What is a pond filter system?

It’s a system for filtering, clarifying and maintaining healthy, clear pond water in a garden pond environment. It’s made up of three main items:

Pond Filter – the filter works in two ways, mechanically and biologically. Mechanical filtration means removing the solid particles that cloud the water. Biological filtration removes the pollutants that can be harmful to fish.

UVC – an Ultra Violet Clarifier clumps together the algae that cause green water so that the filter can then remove it. Some filters come with an integrated UVC to help you achieve clearwater in your pond.

Pond Pump – a solids handling pump will pump dirty water into the UVC and filter. The movement of water will also introduce oxygen into the water, which is needed both by the fish and the beneficial bacteria in the pond.

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Pond care over the seasons

Aquatics pond care seasonal table

Tools to help you

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1754 - Pond Grabber-LOW
1755 BlanketWeed Brush2-LOW
1732 Small Net-LOW

Pond Glove

Ideal for handling pond equipment. or maintaining aquatic plants. Made of durable PVC the glove has an extended arm guard and elasticated sleeve to protect clothes.

Pond Grabber

Ideal for removing litter and unwanted debris from the pond surface. 90cm length for reaching debris in the pond and on the surface.

Blanket Weed Brush

Telescopic brush, adjustable from 60cm up to 180cm, for removing blanket weed from your pond.

Pond Fish Nets

Hozelock Cyprio offers a range of pond nets with various size heads for undertaking pond maintenance and fish keeping tasks. All feature lightweight, telescopic handles and rot resistant mesh.

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