“I was a complete novice when it came to gardening!” – not anymore for @boos_home!

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Okay so I’m the first to admit that before owning my own house and the pandemic, I was a complete novice when it came to gardening. I had NO idea where to start. I would kill plants rather than keep them alive. 2020 definitely gave me a new perspective on life and allowed me to enjoy my garden in a way I never thought it would, some might say it saved me in a tough time.

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My favourite thing to do in my garden now is potter. I love to sit on my outdoor set with a cup of tea and admire how it changes through the seasons, by fair summer is my favourite due to all the colours!

Of an evening, I spend a good half an hour pottering in the garden and watering the flowers with my Hozelock Auto Reel with hose. I also check that my tomatoes have enough water in their Growbag Waterer. This is my time and I love it. It’s my quiet time. I don’t think of anything else, I just allow myself to switch off and wander aimlessly.

"The Auto Reel has been the item we never even knew we needed! It’s made watering the garden of an evening an easier job, Chris no longer has to help me as I can just pull this out and I’m away! Even Evie is a fan…"

Using a Growbag Waterer to grow tomatoes

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When asked about my key learnings, this one for me isn’t tough. I’ve learnt a lot about gardening over the past few months. Most importantly the ones I’ve learnt are how to water your plants, what causes them harm and how can you help them grow. Like us, plants need to be nurtured.

Gardening is simple if you just relax and enjoy it. Don’t over think it. The Hozelock sprinklers are fab for watering the garden if you don’t have the time to stand there. I use this quite a lot during the week.

Start small, don’t overthink it and relax. They are my top tips. Trust me, once you’ve successfully kept one plant alive it becomes addictive.

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Becky, I set up @boos_home a few years ago to help inspire those who purchase a new build home. I have built my garden from scratch and I love bringing everyone along on my DIY schemes. I’m looking forward to helping my garden grow this year using the Hozelock products. I’m trying out using a greenhouse for the first time this year so I’m really excited!

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