Watering Borders and Beds

Watering Borders and Beds

Watering your borders and plant beds can be a chore, but with a few simple tips and some great Hozelock products it can be completed quickly and easily.

When watering your plants make sure you don’t just wet the surface as this does not allow the plant to fully establish. The best advice is to give plants a thorough watering to allow the water to sink below ground level and establish longer, fuller roots. This also means you don’t have to water as regularly.

Applying a mulch of organic matter over soil will not only supply your crops and plants with additional nutrients to thrive, it will also aid in reducing waste from surface evaporation thus helping water retention.

Additionally, using Water Storing Gel will help to retain water around deep roots, meaning less time and money in watering your precious plants.

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Easy Drip System

For the ultimate in fuss free watering, our Easy Drip System can be set up to water your pots and baskets quickly and easily. If you pair an Easy Drip System with one of our Intelligent Controllers you can automatically water your garden daily at the best time for your plants.

Our Cloud Controller even lets you control your garden watering from your mobile phone (IOS and Android) letting you update a watering schedule as weather conditions change.

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Easy Drip Components

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Easy Drip Kits


Download our Easy Drip Automatic Watering Booklet here for tips and advice on drip watering, for borders and beds.

Watering by Hand

By simply attaching one of our Multi Spray Guns to your garden hose you can water all of your plants quickly and easily.

The Multi Spray range has clever features such as lockable triggers for added comfort when watering for long periods and a variety of spray patterns that are suitable for watering all different types of plants from the most delicate seedlings to large established bushes.

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Other Ways to Water

Our Sprinkler Hose or Porous Soaker Hose are great ways to water larger areas – hands free – by simply attaching to a water supply to provide plants with a good soak. Pair these with one of our controllers and you don’t even have to worry about remembering to turn your tap off.

Sprinkler Hose

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Soaker Hose



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