Top 6 gardening trends for 2022

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2022 is just around the corner and we’re excited to see the new garden trends, from colour combos to sustainable techniques.

  • 1. Pastel shades and sunset hues

According to the Flower Council’s ‘bright and breezy’ colour chart, the colours of the most popular flowers for next season will be pastel tones, like pink, blue and mint green, mixed with vivid warm accents. “Coral red plays a fresh and softening role and is important for both flowers and plants.”

  • 2. Wildlife-friendly Garden

Adding features to your garden to make it more ‘wildlife friendly’ is becoming increasingly popular. We don’t buy a bird feeder and call it a day anymore. Gardeners are getting creative and building bug hotels, hedgehog houses and purposefully planting flowers for bees.

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  • 3. Sustainable gardening

More and more gardeners are determined to embrace sustainable gardening techniques. From naturalistic planting to bio-based materials, protecting the planet is at the heart of this trend.

  • 4. Living wall systems

Not only are living walls exciting to look at, but they enable gardeners with small gardens to get the very most out of their space. Living walls are sold as kits and can be customised to meet your needs. It could be used as a privacy screen for urban living, or simply as a feature wall to wow your guests. We recommend investing in a living wall for apartment balconies and terraces to help attract wildlife and naturally purify the air.

  • 5. Bringing the outdoors in and bringing the indoors out

We’re starting to see gardeners blurring lines between the indoors and outdoors to get the very best of both worlds. Here are some top tips for bringing the most nature into your home:

  • Set up a herb garden on your kitchen window sill
  • Use grow lights for plants struggling to get natural light
  • Place houseplants at different levels in the house e.g hang plants off bookcases to draw the eye upwards

Tips for bringing the comforts of home outside:

  • Set up a ‘garden room’ with cosy furniture, outdoor rugs and fairy lights (make sure you have somewhere to place your drink)
  • Create walls using tall shrubs or decorative panels to feel even cosier
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  • 6. Wellness bubbles

Spending time in the garden is an excellent way to boost mindfulness and enhance your mental well-being. To create an outdoor space that evokes feelings of calmness and tranquillity, introduce plants and features that indulge the senses.

Be sentimental. Make space for plants that remind you of a loved one. Flowers in pastel shades are particularly relaxing to look at.

Be intentional with scent. Around your seating area, ensure you plant blossoms you particularly like to smell. Lavender is known for its calm-inducing properties, but we also recommend roses and honeysuckle.

Be picky with texture. Planting shrubs and flowers with a pleasing texture can help make your outdoor space even more inviting. Lamb’s ear and long grasses add softness and grace while creating a lovely rustling sound in the breeze. Your mind also finds that adding a wind chime or water feature would be comforting to hear.

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