How to measure your tap and choose the correct tap connector

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There are multiple garden tap sizes and Hozelock offers a tap connector for every size, but which is the right one for your tap? And how do you measure your tap?

Measuring your tap and buying the correct tap adapter can be confusing. The measurement used is sized according to the standard British Standard Pipe, also known as BSP. This measurement refers to the size of the internal diameter of the pipe.  So when you measure the outside diameter of your tap’s thread this doesn’t correspond to the BSP. Refer to our handy conversion guide to ensure you purchase the correct connector.

In the UK, the most common standard tap thread for outdoor taps is 3/4” BSP, but some older taps may be 1/2″ BSP. Hozelock’s 2175 Tap Connector comes with a 3/4” BSP thread and a 1/2″ BSP adaptor to make sure it is compatible with most common taps.

All our tap connectors have a Pro version that are made from Nickel Plated Brass for durability and are scratch and frost resistant.

Tap and Tape Measure

To measure your tap:

Use a ruler to measure across the thread diameter where the connector would attach. Include all the thread in your measurement.

Now you’ve got your tap thread measurement, you can easily work out which tap connector is compatible for your tap.

Tap with water
V21 2 BSP
V23 4 BSP

Outside diameter of tap thread measurement

20.99mm Outside diameter

26.44mm Outside diameter

33.25mm Outside diameter

BSP measurement

1/2″ BSP threaded tap

3/4″ BSP threaded tap

1″ BSP threaded tap

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