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I’ve recently set up an irrigation system using drippers to water my plants inside the polytunnel, starting with the 25 Pot Watering Kit as a base.

Drippers will water straight into the ground near each plant with low pressure. This is ideal as you water exactly what you need, without wasting water in between. I’ve turned the drippers to face the ground to drip directly into the soil by the roots. This is great for plants and particularly my tomatoes to avoid excessive moisture on the leaves which can lead to fungal diseases!


Firstly, let’s start with the Flowmax 3-way tap connector at the water point.

It allows me to connect multiple watering devices and hose pipes directly to one outside tap. So I can use the same water tap to keep on my Sensor Controller Plus (electronic water timer) for the irrigation system, whilst I water other areas in the garden.

Sensor Controller Plus automatically waters at sunrise or sunset (or both), the best time to water your garden. I’ve set up a timer to water once in the morning for 30 minutes. This can be adjusted, depending on the amount of drippers that you have and how often you need your plants watering.


I’ve got a 25 Pot Watering Kit, with the additional drippers and hose length to cover all areas in the polytunnel – 25 feet by 14 feet (7.6m x 4.2m).

I used two different irrigation hoses to put together irrigation system:


You can get creative with your micro irrigation network! I’ve placed 4mm hose between my tomatoes in an “S” shape for the double row, and for all other plants (also in closer proximity), I just placed the hose straight across.

On and off valves are set up to control water feed, both for the 13mm and 4mm hoses. This is great for the additional control when watering, perfect if some of your plants want more water than the others.

I used stakes to keep the hose in position. And now it is all done!

Now that the irrigation system is set up, I don’t need to spend time watering. I can have a cup of tea and potter around in the garden! What would you do with all the extra free time?

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About the Author

Diana started @good_life_garden in January 2020 to engage and inspire others to grow their own, whether that’s vegetables, flowers or microgreens on your windowsill.

She wanted to show, that gardening is FUN and it doesn’t need to be hard work. It’s a lot easier than many people might think it is. She is excited to “upgrade” her watering systems and habits – starting with an irrigation system in her greenhouse and making her own natural feed using a Hozelock BioMix.

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