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Pressure Regulator

Adaptor Nut


End Plug

Elbow Connector

T Piece 13mm

T Piece 4mm

Micro Kit

Auto Off Controller

AC Water Timer Plus

Cloud Controller

15 Pot Watering Kit

20 Pot Watering Kit

25 Pot Watering Kit

360° Mini Sprinkler

Mist Micro Jet

360º Adjustable Micro Jet

180º Adjustable Micro Jet

High Spike

End of line adjustable mini sprinkler on stake

End of line adjustable mini sprinkler

In-line adjustable mini sprinkler

4 LPH End of line pressure compensating dripper

4 LPH In-line pressure compensating dripper

4mm Wall clip

4mm Stake

4mm Straight Connector

4mm T piece

4mm Flow Control Valve

Hole Punch

13mm Wall clip

13mm Stake


13mm End Plug

13mm Blanking Plug

13mm Straight Connector

13mm T piece