Our Gardening Journey with @ridgeway_renovation

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This year we have partnered with six well-known influencers who will be documenting their 2021 gardening trials and tribulations via our blog and social media channels. They will also be sharing top gardening tips and some handy advice on how to use some of our most popular products.

Earlier this month we caught up with one of our ambassadors, Frankie & Connor from Ridgeway_renovation, to find out what got her into gardening and how the hobby has transformed her life.


How long have you been gardening and what made you take up the hobby?

When we bought our house back in September 2018 the garden had been extremely neglected. The whole garden was full of brambles higher than our heads. We knew we had a huge job ahead of us.

We have absolutely loved spending time in our garden over the last two and a half years. We’ve removed 2 asbestos sheds and built 2 new ones. We’ve put down decking at the top of our garden along with a new pathway and patio too, grown our own grass from seeds, the list has been endless!! We have to be tactical when planting flowers & shrubs as we have 2 giant rabbits. Instead, we use hanging baskets and potted plants that are out of reach as they will eat everything and anything! Instagram & Pinterest have given us so many ideas and it’s where we get most of our garden inspiration from.


What are you looking forward to doing in the garden this summer?

We are really looking forward to finally being able to relax and enjoy our garden properly for the first time this summer now that it is nearly complete. We love our patio next to my dog grooming shed which gets the morning sun and our decking at the top of our garden which gets the evening sun – our garden is one big sun trap!!

We have so many exciting Hozelock products to try out this summer – We have already started using our Bokashi composter which is great!! Along with the Auto Reel Hose System which has been so handy too when watering out plants and shrubs.

To help get to know Frankie (one half of Ridegway Renovation) better we asked her some quick-fire gardening questions;

Favourite garden job? Watering and thinking of new ways we can add colour and flowers without the rabbits being able to get to them

Least favourite gardening job? Weeding

Herbs or flowers? Flowers

Trees or shrubs? Shrubs

Hanging baskets or potted plants? Hanging baskets

House plant or outdoor plant? House plant

Fingers crossed for a lovely sunny summer (Either way we will be definitely spending time in our garden!!)

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About the Author

We are Frankie & Connor from Ridgeway_renovation. We bought our home back in September 2018 and have been renovating it ever since. Our house is all finished now but we still have some work to do in the garden over the summer

We have loved spending time on our garden over the last 2 and a half years and we are gradually getting it to where we want it to be. When we first bought the house the garden was full of brambles, it’s taken a lot of time to get to where it is now and we still aren’t done yet!!

This summer we can’t wait to do the final touches to the garden. We still need to complete our garden path which will make a big difference. The grass is also in need of some TLC after the winter and owning 2 giant rabbits and a dog. We have sleepers to fit as well and we are hoping to plant some tall bushes/plants (that the rabbits won’t be able to get to)

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