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Indoor plants seem like those one thing people fear. ‘Can I look after them?’ ‘I’ll buy this one, oh hang on, will it die cause I’m going away next week?’ Don’t worry I had these fears myself! The great thing about indoor plants is that they aren’t as difficult as you think they would be. They really do look after themselves so long as you keep to the following rules:


Top tips for indoor plants

1. Keep the soil moist. The plants don’t like to be dried out. Ensure that you water them at least once a week and in little quantities.

2. Make sure the pot has drainage holes at the bottom of it. I like to put a few stones in the bottom of the pots so that it keeps moisture in the pot.

3. Place your plant near a light source. Indoor plants love to have light so make sure they are placed in sunlight at some point throughout the day

4. Make sure you understand how to look after the plants you have. Most houseplants have different needs so it’s key to make sure you don’t over water or under water them.

Top tips for outdoor plants

If you are going away, it’s great to use a water system to help keep your plants moist whilst you are away. The Aquasolo from Hozelock are fab for using indoors and outdoors but they help keep your plants watered automatically for up to 2 weeks.

Now the one thing to also remember with outdoor plants is to make sure you have plants suitable for your garden. Make sure if your garden is shaded, that the plants you have purchased will still grow in the shade. I also make sure I feed my twice a month over spring to encourage more growth.

Hopefully these tips help but if you ever have any more questions feel free to visit me over on my Instagram page (@boos_home) where I happily give tips and ideas over the summer.

Hope to see you there!

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Hi, I’m Becky, I set up @boos_home a few years ago to help inspire those who purchase a new build home. I have built my garden from scratch and I love bringing everyone along on my DIY schemes. I’m looking forward to helping my garden grow this year using the Hozelock products. I’m trying out using a greenhouse for the first time this year so I’m really excited!

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