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Thank you for purchasing a Hozelock product and welcome to the Hozelock Guarantee Registration site.

To register your guarantee online, please enter the information of the product you wish to register and fields marked with a star (*) below.

To make a guarantee claim you will be required to provide the original receipt as proof of purchase. Please ensure you retain your receipt for this purpose.

Please note, you must also keep the Product available for review, whilst the claim is being processed.

The submission of this guarantee registration is not a condition of a guarantee claim. For more information, please see: Statement of Guarantee.

All details registered with Hozelock Ltd. are strictly confidential and will NOT be divulged to third parties.

In accordance with the laws, individuals whose personal data are collected, have the right, for legitimate reasons, to access, rectify, remove and oppose to, the information relating to them. Please see our Privacy Policy.

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    Please note:
    Ensure that you keep your receipt - your guarantee is invalid without it.
    To validate your extended guarantee - the Hozelock product must be registered within 30 days of purchase.


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