Guarantee Claims Checklist


Is your product in the first year of its guarantee?

All of our products come with a minimum of a 1 year guarantee, which is held with the retailer. If you experience any issues within the first year of purchase, we recommend returning the product to where you purchased it from and requesting an exchange from there.


Do you have an extended guarantee on your product?

Some of our products come with longer guarantees. The standard guarantee length is only valid with a copy of the original receipt. If the product you have purchased has an extended guarantee, you will need to register the product online within 30 days of purchase. This can be done via our website. Once registered, please keep hold of the email confirming the guarantee registration, and your original receipt.


Was your product purchased from an authorised supplier?

Please be aware that the guarantee only covers products that are purchased via an authorised Hozelock Supplier. Read our full Statement of Guarantee. For any future purchases, a list of authorised suppliers can be found using our Store Locator Click here for our Watering authorised suppliers. Click here for our Aquatics authorised suppliers.


If there is a fault with your Hozelock or Hozelock Cyprio product and it is still under guarantee, please email [email protected] stating the information below, or call our consumer service team on 0121 313 1122.

E-mail address:
Contact Number:
Photo of Product or Product Model Number:
Detail of fault:

Please note, you must keep the product available for review, whilst the claim is being processed.

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Check your product guarantee period

Guarantee Periods

Our Spare Parts Website, includes an array of spares and accessories for our current and obsolete products. You can repair your product when tired or damaged.

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Contact our customer service team at Hozelock, who are dedicated to finding a resolution to any query you may have.