Cloud Controller Set Up

Cloud Controller Set Up

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System Requirements

  • An active broadband connection
  • 230v mains supply (adaptor supplied)
  • Internet router with available Ethernet port
  • Hardware mobile phone – Iphone 5 or later with iOs8 onwards
  • Android KitKat 4.4 and Lollipop 5

You require 2 x 1.5v AA Batteries.

For best results Hozelock recommends the use of Lithium batteries (Energizer “Ultimate Lithium” code L91–FR6–1.5V)

Alternatively high quality Alkaline batteries can be used

PLEASE NOTE Rechargeable batteries are NOT SUITABLE for use with this product.


at-home-1 Position your Hub within 0.5m of your router. Plug the Power Supply into your mains and connect to your Hub. The Hub starts up, LEDs flash until only the Power LED remains permanently on. If this doesn’t happen, check the Power Supply is plugged in and switched on at the mains.
at-home-2 Connect the Hub to your home router using the Ethernet cable supplied. The Network LED should now be lit. If not check that both ends of the Ethernet cable are plugged in and your router has internet access.
at-home-3 Do not install batteries until you are ready to install the Cloud Controller. Do not install the Cloud Controller on your garden tap yet. Remove the front panel from the valve unit by removing the sticker. Install 2x AA 1.5v Lithium/Alkaline batteries into the back of the front panel. Replace the controller front panel.

When batteries are installed the LEDs will flash until all 3 LEDs go out. The motor will operate the internal valve. If you have installed flat batteries the ‘10’ LED will flash red. You will not be able to operate the water timer until the batteries are replaced with new ones. Replace batteries each season.

at-home-4 Download the App onto your smart phone and follow the setup instructions in the app to pair the system.
For Apple iPhones the app is available from the Apple iTunes store. For Android phones the app is available from the Google Play store.
outside-5 When you have completed the setup in the app install the Controller on your tap. Check which adaptors are required to fit the valve unit onto your outdoor tap. A ½ inch BSP and a ¾ inch BSP thread adaptor are supplied.
outside-6 With the correct adapters in place, hold the Cloud Controller up to the tap. Tighten firmly by hand to avoid leaks. Attach your hose pipe to the hose connector and turn on your tap. Do not use a spanner or other tool to tighten it up because this could cause damage to the component threads.
outside-7 It is important that your water timer is in radio reception range of the Hub. You can test the signal strength by doing a Range Test.
The distance can be up to 50m depending on obstacles between the Hozelock Hub and the Cloud Controller.
Problem Possible Cause Solution
No Power LED on Hub when plugged in Power supply not plugged in. Plug the power supply into a mains socket and switch on.
Mains not switched on. Switch mains on at socket.
No Network LED on Hub when Ethernet plugged in. Ethernet cable may not be plugged into the router or the Hub Plug cable into both the router and the Hub
Router has no internet connection Check your home router internet connection with another device. Reset if required.
Try a different port on your home router, one that you know works
Faulty Ethernet cable Try another cable that you know works
Network LED on Hub is flashing Internet is slow or congested Try again when there is less traffic on the internet
Hozelock server not available LED should illuminate green within 1 minute of plugging in the Ethernet cable. If not try again 24 hours later
Controller LEDs do not flash Batteries have been inserted incorrectly Re-insert batteries correctly
Batteries are flat Replace with fresh batteries
Motor does not operate Control panel not replaced on to valve body Replace control panel onto valve body
‘10’ LED on Controller flashes red. Batteries are flat Replace with fresh batteries
Cannot find the app on Apple App store or Google Play store Incorrect search entered Type ‘Hozelock’ into Apple App Store / Google Play store search facility
LEDs do not flash after pressing the button Pair button released too quickly Press pair button for 1 second and then release
No Hub detected Pair button was not pressed before entering the unique Hub ID. Press the Pair button on the Hub, the LEDs will start scanning. Enter the correct Hub ID and then press “try again” until “Hub found!” appears.
Incorrect Hub ID entered Enter the correct Hub ID and then press “try again” until “Hub found!” appears. Note that a zero character has a line through it.
Hub LEDs stopped flashing before entering correct Hub ID Restart the Hub (see restarting section-link). Press the Pair button on the Hub, the LEDs will start scanning, then press “try again” on the app until “Hub found!” appears.
Internet is slow or congested Press “try again” on the app several times until “Hub found!” appears
Cannot find your location Location not listed due to size Enter the nearest large town or city
Cannot find Cloud Controller Buttons not pressed for long enough Press the Pair button on the Controller and Hub for 2 seconds and then press “try again” on the app.
Only the Controller or the Hub Pair button has been pressed
Controller too far away from Hub Move controller to within 1m of Hub during pairing. Restart Controller
Connection Failure Your Controller may be out of range Move your Hub and controller closer together or reduce the number of walls between them. The easiest way may be to relocate your Hub either by using a PowerLink or a longer Ethernet cable. Then press try again
Hardware compatibility issue If you have pressed Try Again several times and get the Connection Failure message each time, Close the app then re-open the app. Perform a range test.

Once you have confirmed the range test is OK you can now test the system by pressing the Water button in the app to open the valve in the Controller. This can take up to 20 mins for the Hub and Controller to communicate (in Normal mode).

The pairing was incomplete In some rare instances the hub and controller can be partially paired. If this happens a range test can be done but the app will not function correctly and you will not be able to program the controller. When this happens you should perform a Factory Reset Procedure.

Using the App

The home screen shows the status of each controller in your Cloud watering system. The yellow droplet will display the next watering time and duration for that controller.

main screen



Tap the droplet in the home screen to see which schedule you have running on this controller. One of the schedules will be ticked if it is turned on. Tap on the schedule you wish to edit. The following screen appears:

Edit a schedule.png copy to other days

Above the days of the week (indicated by the 7 water droplets) is the Schedule name. You can edit this name if you wish to rename it. When you first open the schedule the current day of the week is highlighted. You can edit the start times and durations by tapping on them. You can add another watering time by tapping on the “+ Add another watering time” at the bottom.

If you wish to copy the same start times on every day of the week tap on “Copy to other days >” at the bottom of the screen. You can pick the days that you want to copy these start times to. For the other days you can tap on each day and create your customised watering schedule.

Tap on SAVE at the top of the screen to save your schedule information.

Note: When a scheduled watering has started the valve will open. The LEDs on the front of the controller DO NOT flash for a scheduled watering event.

If you want to delete a schedule simply press and hold on the schedule you want to delete. The DELETE option will appear at the top of the screen. Tap on DELETE to remove it from your list.

Note: Deleted schedules cannot be undeleted, if you accidentally delete the wrong schedule you will need to enter the schedule information again!

deleting a schedule

You can press the water now button on the controller to stop watering at any time.
The LEDs do not flash during a scheduled watering event.
When the controller is running in Normal mode the communication between the hub and controller is once every 20 minutes to prolong battery life. Depending on when your scheduled watering starts it is not possible to send a stop watering command to the controller (or delete the schedule) within the last 20 minutes before it is due to start. However, if you edit the schedule up to half an hour before the schedule was due to start you can cancel or change it.

There are two ways to use the WATER NOW water-nowfunction:

  1. Use the button on the controller in your garden (10, 30 or 60 minute duration)
  2. From the App. (Any duration you want up to 60 minutes)

1. Press the water Now button on the controller. The 10 LED will start to flash and the valve will open for 10 minutes. If you press the button again the 30LED and 10LED will both flash together. The valve will stay open for 30 minutes. Press again for 60 minutes and all three LEDs start to flash. As the minutes count down the LEDs will decrease until all LEDs have stopped flashing and the valve closes. Press again and the valve will turn off


2. Water Now using the App. At the bottom of the screen there are three icons. The left icon allows you to water your garden without the need to press the button on the controller.

water now home screen

Tap on the Water icon and the following screen appears:

water now 01 Screenshot_2016-03-09-15-36-18 fast mode watering


Select which controllers you want to turn on then press NEXT. To select the duration up to a maximum of 60 minutes simply scroll up and down to set the watering minutes and press WATER.

Please note: Watering will start as soon as your Cloud Controller makes contact with the Hub. This can take up to 20 minutes

You can press the water icon in the app to stop watering at any time. During a water now from the app the controller will be in fast mode (near instant communication) allowing you to close the valve (stop the watering) within around 10 seconds depending on your internet speed. You can press the water now button on the controller to instantly close the valve without any delay.

Note: When a ‘Water Now’ is started (by pressing the button on the controller or from the app) the LEDs will flash on the front of the controller. When the watering has ended and the valve has closed the LEDs will stop flashing.

To prolong battery life, the Hub and Cloud Controllers communicate every 20 minutes by default, so there can be a delay between pressing the Water button in the App and a Cloud Controller responding. In the Settings you can select fast mode if you want to reduce this delay temporarily.
Note: If the Water button remains orange but no watering occurs your Hub may have temporarily lost communication with your Controller, but your existing watering schedule will continue. It should automatically recover but if this problem persists perform a range test to establish if the signal from your Hub is still able to reach the Controller.

During wet weather periods or when you are out in your garden, you may not want the watering system to operate. To pause all watering you can press the Pause button on the home screen.



Tick the Controllers that you want to pause watering on. (You may only have one controller in your system).


Select the number of days you want to pause watering for and confirm on the pop up screen.

Screenshot_2016-03-10-14-24-58 Screenshot_2016-03-10-14-25-05

During wet or dry periods you may want to temporarily adjust your watering. On the homescreen press the ADJUST button.


You can select which controllers to apply the adjust:

Adjust 1 Adjust 2 Adjust 3


After confirming the Adjust settings you will return to the home screen. The adjust button will be highlighted in yellow for the controllers that you have adjusted.



If you want to turn off the adjust before the set duration has finished simply press the adjust button again and confirm you want to turn it off:

Resume Resume2


Note: Schedules on your Cloud controller can’t be changed while an adjustment is active. If you do want to change the schedule you can remove the adjustment.

The Cloud app receives weather data for the location of your Hub and Controller. It knows the location when you entered it into the app during the setup process. If you have entered an incorrect location you can change it from the settings menu. (Settings > Hubs and Controllers > Hub 1 (or the name you gave it)

weather information

You can use weather prompts to warn you if there has been no rainfall for up to 14 consecutive days or if the temperature rises above your set limit for up to 14 consecutive days. This is useful if you are away from home during a dry, warm period and you can then decide if you want to adjust your current programmed schedule.

Note: Weather prompts will be sent when adequate data has been recorded for your area
notifications menu red weather (2)

The Cloud App has notifications to alert you about watering activity and settings relative to your system. These can be tailored from the settings menu. Select ‘Notifications’ to bring up the following screen:


The notifications can be turned on and off depending on what information you want to receive from your Cloud watering system:

Notification Information received
Watering On You will receive a notification message on your phone when any of your controllers are turned on by a scheduled event.
Low Battery When the battery level in a Controller is low you will receive a notification message to inform you when you should change the batteries. (See also section ‘What type of batteries can I use’)
Schedule Update You will receive a notification message on your phone when you have updated or added more schedule data.
Pause setting expires If you have turned on a pause you will receive a notification message on your phone when the pause has expired and normal watering is resumed. A pause can apply to one or more Controllers in your system.
Adjust setting expires If you have turned on an Adjust to increase or decrease your watering durations you will receive a notification message on your phone when the adjust has expired and normal watering is resumed. An adjust can apply to one or more Controllers in your system.
Faults You will receive a notification if

1) The hub has lost communication with your controller

2) The server has lost communication with your hub

3) The app has lost communication with the server

A photo can be useful to identify the controller or area of your garden that the controller is being used to water.

From the settings menu select Hubs and Cloud Controllers/Hub1/Cloud controller 1 (or the name you have given it) you can either use an existing photo saved on your phone or take a new photo:

Screenshot_adding1   Screenshot_adding2 Screenshot_adding3


In the Android version of the app you will see two buttons that allow you to zoom in or out of the photo to take a region of the photo that will be used on the home screen. In the IPhone app you can pinch the screen area to zoom in on the photo region.

To rename the hub select the Settings icon and press ‘Hubs and Cloud Controllers’. You will then see the following screen:

my hub menu red


Tap on the name of the controller at the top of the screen. You can then edit the name of it

From the Edit hub screen (see above on how to find this screen), tap on the controller you want to rename. Tap on the name of the controller. You can edit the name of it.


EDIT Cloud C 1 copy

The child lock only applies to the Hozelock app and NOT the controller on your tap. It prevents the water now button on the home screen working. Other people who may have access to your phone and the Hozelock app will not be able to press the water button on the home screen and turn on the watering in your garden.
When activated it disables the water now function on all of the controllers in your system.

Why does the Child Lock not apply to the controller button?

The water now button on your controller needs to be accessible at all times. If you are running a programmed schedule and the water needs to be turned off quickly (maybe you need to turn off a sprinkler on your lawn) then pressing the water now button you can turn it off quickly. The water now button on the controller is also used for other functions including a Range Test.

To turn on the child lock function go to the Settings screen

Child setting

Tap on the slide button to activate the child lock. The water now button has been deactivated and will appear greyed out on the home screen for each controller. You can turn off the child lock by returning to the same screen above and sliding the child lock button to the off position.

In Normal mode the Hozelock Hub and Cloud controller communicate with each other every 20 minutes. This will prolong the life of the batteries

In fast mode they communicate every 1 minute so that you can test that everything is working. Fast mode will revert to normal mode automatically 1 hour after pairing or selection to prolong battery life.

It is recommended that you only use fast mode for short periods of time while you are testing your Cloud Controller system only.

You can find out what mode your Cloud Controller System is in by looking in the Communication frequency with Cloud Controllers page (Settings → Hubs and Cloud Controllers → My Hub 1 (or the name you gave it) → Communication frequency with Cloud Controllers)

Edit my hub menu red fast or normal mode red


When you set up your Cloud Controllers the App will automatically start in Fast Mode for 1 hour. This gives you time to set up and test the system. You can at any time revert back to Normal mode.

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