Best items for a small urban garden, terrace, patio or balcony

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Last year saw a rise in the number of people who were embracing gardening, whether it is a courtyard, terrace garden or a balcony– everyone tried to create a green retreat out of the space they have available. In fact, research suggests that UK gardens now average 12m x 12m for those under 45 years old and whilst 77% of adults have a garden, 20% of those are a terrace, patio or balcony.

We will show you some of the best solutions to enable you to grow thriving plants and vegetables whatever the size of your garden sanctuary.


Automatic Watering

An EasyDrip Micro Kit allows you to create a network of automatic watering to the pots and hanging baskets around your patio. Connect to a Sensor Controller on the tap and your pots will be watered automatically at sunrise and sunset according to your instructions – saving you water, time and effort!


NEW! Micro Reel with ‘Click & Go’ design

Simply ‘click’ the connector onto the tap and let the rotating drum unwind the hose as you walk. The integrated handle makes rewinding the hose quick and easy. Equipped with 10m of hose and a nozzle, it is perfect for watering small gardens and balconies. Offering the benefits of a larger reel, and is ideally sized to store away in cupboards, or on a shelf

Don’t have an outdoor tap?

No problem! Hozelock have a range of indoor tap connectors to allow you to connect your hose to your availaeble water source. You can connect and feed a short hose, like the Superhoze 7.5m and the Micro Reel, through the window to get water out to your garden space.

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Houseplant watering

Add a splash of colour to any home with one of our trigger sprayers. Use a stylish trigger sprayer on your balcony or indoors on your houseplants for quick and easy watering to help keep house plants looking healthy all year round.

Going on holiday? Recycle a water bottle and use with an Aquasolo to ensure your house plants stay hydrated while you’re away.

If you want to know some of the easiest and eye-catching house plants, click here to see our article on the Top 6 houseplants and how to look after them.

Grow your own

Looking to try your hand at growing your own veg this year? 🍅

Even with a small space you can ‘grow your own’ with the Growbag Waterer – the easiest way to grow tomatoes! Our Growbag Waterer is perfect to get you started as it has no pipes or timers and makes growing simple and easy.

The 15 litre water reservoir can keep your plants watered for up to 14 days! Use a planting table to stack a couple in the corner of your outdoor space.

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Recycle your kitchen waste in a composter

Sick of putting your kitchen waste into landfill?

The compact Bokashi Composter is easily hidden under the sink or in the corner of your outdoor space with a tight lid to eliminate odours. Put all your food waste and leftovers in the composter, layered with our Bokashi bran, and collect your nutrient rich fertiliser suitable for indoor and outdoor in days! Spray accurately on your plants with a Pure Sprayer and watch your plants and vegetables flourish.

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