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With Hozelock Cyprio, quality comes first and our confidence in our products has been proven over time.

Hozelock Cyprio provides everything you need to make and decorate the pond of your choice, including liners, fountain pumps, filtration systems and accessories.

Our continued commitment to customer care, combined with our high quality products, has made Hozelock Cyprio worldwide pond equipment experts.

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  • Pond Filters ensure that you have a clear and healthy pond using a natural, chemical free process. This creates a healthy balance in the pond so that fish and wildlife can enjoy a clean habitat, plants can thrive and the whole feature is pleasant to look at.

    Hozelock Cyprio recommends that the water is filtered once every two hours.

  • Pond Pumps add oxygen into a fishpond, which is very important for fish health, particularly in densely stocked ponds and in the summer months when oxygen levels decline.

    They are also ideal for decorative ponds as pumps can be used to create small water features all the way to larger, combined fountain and waterfall displays.

  • Filtration Kits are a great solution for people creating a new pond and can provide all the products and accessories required.

    These Kits can pump and filter water to ensure that your pond stays clear and healthy with the minimum of effort.

    The Easyclear combines a pump, filter and UVC and can be completely hidden in a pond. It even includes a fountain feature for an attractive display.

  • A revolution in the efficient elimination of green water algae.

    The algae, causing green water, are made to clump together by the UV light so that they can be sieved out of the water by a filter. A single ended UV lamp allows 30% more UV light to be emitted over double ended lamp competitors.

  • The Hozelock Cyprio solar range harnesses the power of the sun to create relaxing water features.

    They have no electrical set up or running costs and are simple to install in your pond allowing you to then sit back and relax.

  • Hozelock Nutri-Stik is a highly digestible fish food containing all the nutrients to keep pond fish in top condition.

    It has good wetting properties, floats well and will not cloud the water.

    For added convenience the Fish Feeder enables fish to be fed up to six times a day automatically with Hozelock Cyprio Fish Food.

  • Fountains and Waterfalls can create great focal points within small and large ponds. They also add oxygen into a fishpond, which is very important for fish health, particularly in densely stocked ponds and in the summer months when oxygen levels decline.

  • Hozelock Cyprio liners, pipes and fittings help you to create the perfect pond for your garden. They are expertly designed and are all made from high quality materials that are built to stand the test of time.

  • Caring for your pond is very important to ensure that water is kept clean and fish remain healthy.

    Hozelock Cyprio provide a range of products to help you do this from accessories that help you clear up debris to treatments that can prevent things like green water or blanket weed.