Cloud Controller System Check

Range Test

Note : This can only be performed after the Hub and Controller have been paired. Leave the front panel attached to the valve on your outdoor tap when performing a range test.

A range test allows you to check the signal between the Hub and Controller and give you an indication of how good the connection is at that physical location of the controller. It can be performed when your app is running in two modes:
• In Fast Mode
• In Normal mode

In Fast Mode (during installation or if selected)

If your App is set to run in Fast Mode (found in: Settings -> Hubs and Cloud Controllers -> Hub1/Communication frequency with Cloud Controller) then you can press the pair button on the controller for 2 seconds and release it to start a range test.

Note: It is not recommended to use Fast mode for long periods of time as this will reduce battery life.

In Normal Mode (default setting)

Your App is set to run in Normal Mode (found in: settings -> Hubs and Cloud Controllers -> Hub1/Communication frequency with Cloud Controller) you must press the Water Now button for 2 seconds and release. The controller is now ready to do a range test. Press the pair button for 2 seconds and release it to start a range test.


Out of range

Out of range

Weak reception

Weak Reception

Good reception

Good reception

Great reception

Excellent reception

The range test takes a little time to stabilise. You should allow 30 seconds from starting the range test before taking a reading. The range test will automatically time-out after 2 minutes. If you need to extend the range test for a further 2 minutes press the Pair Button on the Controller again. If you want to end the range test earlier than 2 minutes press the Water Now Button once.

  1. Outbuildings, garden sheds and garages can affect the signal strength between the hub and controller if they are in-between the hub and your garden tap. Large metal objects between your hub and controller can also reduce the signal strength.
  2. The number of solid walls between the hub and controller can affect the communication between them. If possible, try to position the hub so that there are no more than two solid walls. If you have more than two solid walls perform a range test to ensure the signal is strong enough.
  3. Avoid putting the hub in a drawer or cupboard when it is turned on. The hub should be connected to the mains supply at all times so that it can communicate with the controller on your garden tap.
  4. Other radio transmitting devices such as alarm systems, CCTV systems, door bells, monitoring systems could affect the communication link.
  5. Environmental factors such as weather conditions can have an impact on signal strength. Lightning, for example, can cause electrical interference, and fog and rain can weaken the signal.

If you have a weak signal or it is out of range:

  • Consider using a Powerlink extender device so that the hub is closer to your controller
  • Use a longer LAN (Ethernet) cable between your hub and router so that the hub is closer to your controller

Please note: During a range test, the LED’s on the hub will show that a range test is being performed. The power light will be on constantly, the network light will turn off and the wireless light will be flashing. At the end of the range test the hub can take a few minutes to return to normal mode, when all three LED’s will be green. You will not be able to use the Water Now function or update your watering schedules on your Controller until the hub has returned to normal operating mode.

What do the HUB lights indicate?

Item State Meaning
Power LED  On- green 5v power supply is connected
Off No power supply
Network LED  On- green Hub has internet & server access
Off Hub cannot access the internet (disabled during range test)
 Flashing- green Attempting to access the Hozelock server via the internet
Wireless LED On- green Hub is connected to the controller
Flashing- green Range test in operation
On- red Hub is not connected to the controller. This may be temporary and the hub will automatically attempt to reconnect with the controller on your tap. Check status again after 2 hours.
Off The hub is not yet paired to a controller

What do the Controller lights indicate?

These lights are used for Water Now, Battery level check and Range Test.
Water Now on the Controller

Water Now Button: 1 press 2 presses 3 presses 4 presses
60 LED off off Flashing off
30 LED off Flashing Flashing off
10 LED Flashing Flashing Flashing off
Watering duration: 10 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes off
Valve automatically closes after this duration

Note: It is not recommended to use the Water Now function many times per day as this will reduce battery life. Set up a schedule.

Battery Level Check

You can check the status of the batteries at any time. Press and hold down the Water Now button and the indicator lights will tell you the status of the installed batteries.

Note: The panel must be attached to the valve to do a battery level check.

Water Now Button: Press and hold the ‘Water Now’ button
60 LED Flashing Off Off Off Off Green
30 LED Flashing Off Off Off Green Green
10 LED Flashing Flashing Red Green Green Green
Battery Level: Batteries are flat – Controller cannot start up Batteries are flat – replace immediately Battery level is low – replace the batteries Battery level is ok but consider replacing them soon Battery level is Good New batteries installed
Release the Water Now button after you have finished checking the battery level and the test finishes automatically.

Please note: If the 10 LED is flashing red, the Controller has gone into fail-safe mode. If all three LEDs are flashing continuously, the batteries are too low to start up the Controller.

This mode will prevent the controller from turning the water on.

The Water Now function will not operate and no watering schedules will take place until the batteries have been replaced.

You can receive battery level notifications on your app.
This will notify you when:
1) the batteries are getting low and need replacing.
2) the batteries are flat and no more watering will take place

To set up notifications visit the notifications settings in the app.