Phthalate Free

Our alternative hoses are free from Phthalates, heavy metals and harmful toxins

We have taken every care to guarantee that our hoses are kind to both you and the environment, by ensuring they are free from Phthalates, heavy metals and harmful toxins.

What are phthalates?

Phthalates are a group of chemicals, often known as plasticisers,  used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic and vinyl. They have been used in hundreds of consumer products and personal cosmetics since the 1950s, including perfume, shampoo, cosmetics, baby products, medical bags, building equipment, toys and food packaging

What is being done to reduce our exposure?

A European Union regulation called the REACH Directive was put in place in June 2007, to monitor and restrict the use of chemicals harmful to human health and the environment.

*Phthalate Free <0.1%

Heavy metals: Lead, Cadmium, Barium

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