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Being hands on in the garden can be very rewarding. Whether it's through watering or planting seeds in the flowerbed. With over half a century of horticultural expertise. Hozelock understand the rewards of gardening and have developed the range to help gardeners to get the most from their involvement in it.

We combine a knowledge and passion for gardening with a pride in craftsmanship to develop gardening solutions that help gardens flourish and come to life. Every product is crafted to work time after time, so that our customers can care for their gardens in the best possible way.

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  • 4-Way Tap Connector

    The 4 way tap connector converts a single threaded tap into 4 taps, each with its own flow control and can also be used to connect two water computers to one tap.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Fits all your standard Hozelock connectors
    • Indvidual flow control for up to four hose outlets
    • Can be installed quickly and easily using the included wall bracket, screws and plugs
  • Car Wheel Brush

    The Hozelock Car Wheel Brush is a specially designed car brush for cleaning alloy wheels.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Perfect for cleaning alloy wheels
    • Flow control ensures no water wastage – use only what you need
    • Works with 2621 soap sticks for additional cleaning
    • Water is jetted through the brush bristles
  • Soap Sticks

    Pack of 10 Car Brush Soap Sticks for use with the Car Wheel Brush and the Short Car Brush.


    Key benefits include:

    • Solid detergent for great cleaning
    • Offers additional cleaning power to your Hozelock car brush
    • Easy to use
  • Ultra Metal Garden Pump

    This high pressure garden pump (3.5 bar) allows the use of stored water to water your garden.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • 3.5 bar high pressure pump with 3,000lph maximum flow
    • Can be used to provide water to two Hozelock watering products at the same time
    • Can also be used to transport water around the garden
    • Included filters ensure sand and grit do not enter the pump
  • Water Butt Pump

    The high pressure garden pump (1.1 bar) that allows you to use stored rain water or grey water with any Hozelock product to water your garden.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Maximum flow rate of 2,200 litres per hour
    • Built in filters¬†ensure the pump and your Hozelock accessories are protected
    • 10m of cable and a fitted plug to enable use around the garden
    • Complete with a two year guarantee
  • Flood Pump

    The high flow flood pump has an automatic float switch and the ability to handle solid material up to 30mm.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Can pump up to 8000 Litres per Hour of water from a flooded area
    • A self priming pump that can pump dirty and clean water
    • Automatic float switch turns the pump on when area is flooded



  • Aquasolo

    The Aquasolo is a simple watering system that can be used for pot plants around your home.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Perfect for holiday watering, for indoor and outdoor use
    • Compatible with most plastic bottles, 0.5l to 2l
    • Variety of sizes available to match your pot size
  • The Flower and Vegetable Waterer gives you perfect results every time. Simply fill the planter with compost, fill the base with water and plant your flowers or vegetables.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Healthier plants and better results thanks to the unique capillary water spikes
    • Easy to set up and re-usable year after year
    • Prevents drought and minimise water wastage
  • AquaDeco

    An innovative and decorative handmade watering solution that keeps your plants watered and healthy.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Stylish watering for in the home and garden
    • Available in a selction of attractive colours
    • Can be used inside and outside the home
    • Individually hand crafted
  • Growbag Waterer

    The easiest way to grow plants in a growbag with no pipes, no timers and no fuss.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Waters plants for up to 14 days*
    • Healthier plants and better results thanks to the unique capillary water spikes
    • Easy to set up and re-usable
    • Prevents drought and minimise water wastage