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Hozelock Newsletter

Sign-Up today to keep up-to-date. Our Newsletter includes the latest competitions, products, news and handy tips from Hozelock. We provide monthly tips that assist you with your gardening, watering and FAQ’s. At Hozelock, we aim to improve in everyway we can. We often use this platform to create survey’s and ask questions, where you can have your say within the Gardening Club Community.

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Join over 10,000 Hozelock Gardening Club members who gain expert tips and knowledge on all things gardening. Hozelock combines a knowledge and passion for gardening with a pride in craftsmanship. Furthermore, Hozelock specialise in finding and meeting the needs of gardening and gardeners.  Also, the comprehensive range of wateringspraying, plant protection & pond solutions helps gardens to flourish & come to life.

Being hands on in the garden can be very rewarding. Whether it is through watering or planting seeds in the flowerbed, our customers enjoy being part of its growth. With 60 years of horticultural expertise. Hozelock understands the rewards of gardening and have developed the range to help gardeners get the most from their involvement.

We love to reward our members with competitions and prizes. We have great things planned for the future of our gardening Club, so make sure to sign up today!