Introducing Hozelock’s brand ambassadors

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This year Hozelock will be partnering with a group of online gardening experts and enthusiasts to help you get more out of your garden.

James - @thediydads

James created @thediydads in December 2019 sharing home renovation, gardening and lifestyle IGTV’s (Instagram TV) from his Hampshire garden. Along with videos on his Instagram account, he will be a guest host on our blog and later in the year will be running a giveaway for his followers.

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Amy - @chicksandveg

Amy from @chicksandveg started her gardening journey a few years ago having moved to a new home with an overgrown and unloved garden. After the loss of her best friend, she turned to her garden as a way to keep her mind and hands busy. Her love of gardening has become her favourite (and most committed) hobby and she truly believes everyone should experience that feeling of harvesting homegrown veg and picking beautiful blooms.

Diana - @good_life_garden

Diana started @good_life_garden in January 2020 to engage and inspire others to grow their own, whether that’s vegetables, flowers or microgreens on your windowsill.

She wanted to show, that gardening is FUN and it doesn’t need to be hard work. It’s a lot easier than many people might think it is. She is excited “upgrade” her watering systems and habits – starting with have an irrigation system in her greenhouse and making her own natural feed using BioMix.

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