Killing Weeds

Killing Weeds is an age old problem, something that every gardener faces each year…

These pesky, unwanted plants spread like wildfire and take up soil nutrients and space that is reserved for your plants of choice. Weeding by hand, is the age old solution we have all turned to when we’ve spotted those dreaded dandelions or buttercups. However it can do more harm than good, as digging around the soil with your hands or a fork causes soil movement which may allow dormant weed seeds to be lifted near the surface and begin to germinate. And we all know weeding by hand can cause bad backs and sore knees!

So what other treatment methods can you use to help eradicate these pests?

Thermal Weeding

One alternative to killing weeds that has been proven to be much safer and overall cheaper than chemicals is electric weeding. The Green Power Thermal Weeder is a new, safe alternative that delivers a 600°c thermal shock directly to the weed.

It only requires a 3 seconds application on each weed, leaves no harsh chemicals behind, poses no risk or harm to surrounding plants and does not require costly replacements. It is environmentally friendly and heats up in 45 seconds.

It is also tall enough that users will not have to bend down, saving strain on backs and knees.


Hozelock Sprayers

If you are looking to weed larger areas and precision is less of a requirement then a Hozelock Sprayer can be filled with your weed killer of choice (ensuring the correct dosage) and quickly applied to an area. We also sell a Pure Range, which allows the use of natural chemical solutions, to be used with your Hozelock Sprayer. Hozelock Sprayers are available in a variety of sizes to treat even the largest areas without the need to constantly refill.

Standard Sprayers

4231 7L Standard Pressure Sprayer

Plus Sprayers

7L Plus

Pro Sprayers

7L Pro