Cleaning cars, Caravans
and Motorbikes

Cleaning cars, caravans and motorbikes

The Hozelock Brush range will clean cars, boats and caravans of any size thanks to their innovative design. Also, they make easy work of cleaning dirty windows, bikes or garden furniture. Most importantly, Hozelock Brushes are simple to operate, providing perfect results every time.

Short Car Brush

Car Cleaning

Medium Car Brush

Car Cleaning

Long Car Brush

Window Cleaning

Features such as long reach handles help you with cleaning hard to reach areas. Also, the on/off flow control lets you choose the amount of water being used to clean.

They will fit your current Hozelock System using standard Hozelock connectors. Therefore, the is no need to purchase additional accessories.

Hozelock Brushes function with Hozelock Soap Sticks making cleaning easy and simple.

On/Off Flow Control


Hozelock Connection


Shampoo Sticks

shampoo 1

Simply click & connect your brush to fit your current Hozelock System using standard Hozelock connectors without the need to purchase accessories.

Upgrade to a Hozelock Plus or Pro Brush which feature a dispenser for your choice of liquid shampoo.

Simply click & connect!


Plus & Pro brushes' liquid shampoo dispenser

Brush Cleaning Top Up

Take a look at our Video on the Hozelock Short Car Brush.

This video demonstrates the various uses and practicalities of the Hozelock Cleaning Brush. Most importantly our video shows just how simple, easy and efficient it can be. We hold a selection of Cleaning Products such as the: Car Wheel Brush, Short Car Brush, Car Brush Plus as well as the Medium  Brush Plus, and Long Brush Pro.

If you are keen to learn more on our range of cleaning products. Or if you would like more tips and advice, head over to our Handy Tips Section by clicking the button below.