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Garden Pumps are great for moving water around your garden to where it needs to be.

The Flood Pump can move large amounts of water away from flooded areas efficiently whilst the Water Butt Pump allows you to use stored rain water with any Hozelock gardening product.

They are simple to use and come complete with a fitted plug for a quick set up.

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Power Consumption
Maximum Flow
  • Hozelock Flowmax 7500

    • 3 in 1,¬† ready to use flood pump
    • Suitable for Clear or Dirty water & provides ground Level suction to 3mm
    • Adaptors and connectors are included to make the pump compatible with every 15 / 19 / 25mm hoses and more.
    • Removable cable bracket that provides a convenient storage system for the 10m cable.
    • 350W, maximum pumping capacity of 7,500L /hr, solids up to 30 mm, max. immersion depth of 7m
    • Ready to use jet pump
    • Fully equipped with a 7m suction hose, an integrated filter, a curved adaptor and a turbo quick connector
    • Overheating protection for motor and hydraulic circuits
    • High performances with 3000 L/hr and 3,5 bars pressure
    • Robust and durable pump with robust plastic housing
  • Water Butt Treatment

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    A safe non-toxic treatment for stored water to keep it free from slime and algae.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Safe to use and non-toxic
    • Prevents unpleasant odours within water butts
    • Simple to use by adding to stored water to treat
    • Can treat 6,400 litres of water
  • This high pressure garden pump (3.5 bar) allows the use of stored water to water your garden.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • 3.5 bar high pressure pump with 3,000lph maximum flow
    • Can be used to provide water to two Hozelock watering products at the same time
    • Can also be used to transport water around the garden
    • Included filters ensure sand and grit do not enter the pump
  • Water Butt Pump

    The high pressure garden pump (1.1 bar) that allows you to use stored rain water or grey water with any Hozelock product to water your garden.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Maximum flow rate of 2,200 litres per hour
    • Built in filters¬†ensure the pump and your Hozelock accessories are protected
    • 10m of cable and a fitted plug to enable use around the garden
    • Complete with a two year guarantee
  • Flood Pump

    The high flow flood pump has an automatic float switch and the ability to handle solid material up to 30mm.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • Can pump up to 8000 Litres per Hour of water from a flooded area
    • A self priming pump that can pump dirty and clean water
    • Automatic float switch turns the pump on when area is flooded