Hose Reels



Hozelock Hose Reels provide fuss free storage of your garden hose by winding it away into a neat coil.

There are a variety of different designs depending on your needs, from simple free standing reels, to carts that can be easily moved around the garden and wall mounted units that can be located by your tap.

Most of our Hose Reels come with a set of fittings so you can use them as soon as you get home.

  • This type of hose reel retracts the garden hose for you. Simply pull out as much garden hose as you need, water your plants and then walk the hose back to the hose reel.

    The Automatic Rewind hose reels also layers the hose within the unit to avoid kinks and tangles.

    Available up to 40m the Auto Reel is suitable for even the largest gardens for fuss free watering.

  • Wall mounted hose reels can be placed at a comfortable height for you to avoid the need to bend down. They can be located close to your tap for an easy connection.

    Some products are two in one meaning they can also be used off the wall and on the ground for ultimate flexibility around the garden.

    The wall mounted range even comes with the fixings you need to place them on a wall.

  • Portable and always ready to use, these reels sit on the floor near your tap. They can be disconnected and stored away for a clutter free garden, great for when extra space is needed.

    Free Standing units come in a variety of lengths for all sizes of gardens.

    The reel can be either open for easy access or enclosed, which helps to protect your hose when not in use.

  • Wheeled Hose Reels are easy to manoeuvre on all types of terrain including grass, patios or stone.

    This type of hose reel can be towed around the garden when not in use which makes them ideal for storing away.

    Wheeled Reels are also great if you have multiple taps and need to move your hose between them.

  • Small Hose Reels have a capacity of up to 20m of Hose.

    They are great for smaller gardens with limited space and for small areas around the garden such as in green houses and on patios.

    These hose reels can also be used away from the home including on boats or in a caravan.

  • Medium Hose reels have a capacity between 20m and 30m of hose for medium sized gardens.

    The reels can either be wall mounted, free standing or wheeled to fully meet your watering needs.

    Some reels such as the Compact 2 in 1 Reel with 25m of hose can either be free standing or wall mounted for ultimate flexabilty when watering your garden.

  • Large Hose Reels have a capacity of 30m of hose or more.

    These reels are ideal for large gardens and are great if you need to water areas that are far away from your tap.

    They are available in a variety of options depending on your needs such as Free Standing, Wheeled and also Wall Mounted.