Fittings and Connectors




Hozelock Fittings and Connectors provide quick and easy connections between your tap, garden hose and accessories.

Our Tap Connectors are designed to fit a variety of taps from outdoor threaded taps to indoor mixer taps.

Hose Connectors let you attach your hose to your tap in one click whilst our Gun/Sprinkler Connectors let you switch between accessories without the need to turn the water off, thanks to their in built water stop.


  • Hozelock tap connectors let you attach your hose to all shapes and sizes of taps.

    From the popular Outdoor Threaded Tap connector to the Indoor Mixer Tap connector you can be connected and watering your garden in no time.

    All Hozelock Tap Connectors are made with high quality materials to ensure a long, leak free life.

  • Hose Connectors are used to connect a piece of hose to a tap connector, often at the start of a system.

    They can also be used to extend or connect two pieces of hose together or even split hose in two different directions when extra length is required.

    All Hozelock Hose Connectors have been designed with simplicity in mind and are made using ultra tough engineering plastics for a long leak free life.

  • Gun/Sprinkler Connectors are designed to be used at the end of your hose where a nozzle, gun or sprinkler is connected.

    They have a special feature to ensure water does not come out when there is no accessory attached. This means you can stay dry when swapping between accessories and no water is wasted.

    Our Plus and Pro models have a soft touch grip which makes removing and attaching accessories simple, even with wet hands.

  • System Repair Accessories are available to service any minor issues you may have with your Hozelock System.

    They can replace worn or damaged parts to make sure your Hozelock System is fully functional and in tip top condition.