Pond Care




Caring for your pond is very important to ensure that water is kept clean and fish remain healthy.

Hozelock Cyprio provide a range of products to help you do this from accessories that help you clear up debris to treatments that can prevent things like green water or blanket weed.

Ensuring ponds stay healthy in the winter can be done easily by using one of our Winter Care accessories that help to stop ponds freezing during the coldest months.

  • Hozelock Cyprio pond treatments complement our pumps, filters and UVCs to help keep ponds healthy and water crystal clear.

    They can help to eradicate and prevent common pond problems such as green water and blanket weed.

    All products are harmless to pond wildlife making them safe to use.

  • The Hozelock Cyprio range of tidy up accessories offer compact, lightweight, quick cleaning and waste removal for your pond.

    Simple tasks can be completed using a pond grabber or blanket weed brush whilst larger ponds can benefit from the Pond Vac that can save you up to 30% in cleaning time compared to other brands and is up to 7x more efficient with minimal running costs.

  • Ponds do not need much attention in winter but if you have fish, you will need to make sure the pond does not completely freeze over.

    This is because toxic gases can build up and harm fish. Keeping an ice free area will prevent the build-up of these gases and keep your fish healthy.