Flower & Vegetable Waterer

Product Code: 2811

The Flower and Vegetable Waterer gives you perfect results every time. Simply fill the planter with compost, fill the base with water and plant your flowers or vegetables.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Healthier plants and better results thanks to the unique capillary water spikes
  • Easy to set up and re-usable year after year
  • Prevents drought and minimise water wastage
  • 2811
  • 2811

The Flower and Vegetable Waterer features a decorative 30 litre planter with 15 litre water reservoir that will keep plants watered for up to 14 days. Water is delivered directly to the plants roots through unique capillary watering spikes that help prevent plants from drought and minimise water wastage. Using the Waterer gives you healthier plants and better results.

It’s easy to set-up and re-useable so┬áis ideal for flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit.

The 15 litre water reservoir saves plants from drought while away from home. The watering spikes keep plants constantly watered.

A convenient indicator monitors the water level and the base can be filled using a watering can or hose pipe connector. Cane holders provide a solid base for plant support.

*Typical Refilling Times:


The Flower and Vegetable Waterer gives you perfect results every time

3 x New 9cm Plants 14 Days
3 x 50cm Tall Plants 7 Days
3 x 150cm Tall Plants 3 Days
Please note: Water consumption is dependent on where your Flower and Vegetable Waterer is set up, the temperature, type of plants and the maturity of your plants. Check the water indicator regularly.
  • Weight

    3.45 kg

  • Dimensions

    96.0 x 39.0 x 22.8 cm

  • Watering Type


  • Solution Use

    Greenhouse, Outdoor

  • Water Capacity (Litres)


  • Single/Multi Plant

    Multi Plant

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